Blooming in Black and White {My Virtual Open House}

Well, here it goes, for better or for worse. I am opening the doors to my house. Come on in, take a look around. The only rooms not included are my son's & guest room.

Warning: Picture OVERLOAD!

Front Yard
Front Yard



Living Room

Living Room




breakfast & bar

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Dining Room

Multi-Purpose Room

Multi-Purpose Room

Multi-Purpose Room

Multi-Purpose Room


Hall Bathroom
hall bathroom

Master Bedroom
master bedroom

Master Bedroom
master bedroom

Master Bedroom
master bedroom

Master Bedroom
master bedroom

Master Bathroom
master bathroom


Yes, Byron & I did a lot of the work. We can take credit for all the design but (and I mean a huge BUT), this would not have been half as enjoyable, on time & under budget without these amazing individuals. If you live anywhere near Houston (these guys travel ALL over), you want these talents in your corner. Make sure you tell them you're one of my friends.

All things landscape & outdoors:
Luis Lopez (Lopez Lawn Care) 713-530-2061 cell/txt
Luis is the one on the right. He also does our weekly maintenance.

Too Sweet Painting
Raul: 713-540-3470 cell/txt
This is Raul & his sweet daughter. I call Raul the drywall whisperer. He also did my demo work & painting.

Wired Electrical
Thann or Ben (owners): 713-467-1125
They are like family. Seriously.

Graham Plumbing
Ask to have Chris: 281-302-6710
Picture 1
Top Notch.

Honorable Mentions:
*Forsyth Flooring: 713-465-8637
*Neumann Landscape Design:
*Bravo Lock & Key (ask for Kevin Jones): 713-523-5397
*Bill Ludlam Lawn Sprinklers: 713-468-5343
*John (works with a women/children's charity), he picked up my old cabinets & appliances for me to donate to his shelter. Saved me a ton of money in dumpster fees. I'd sit everything out in the driveway & call him. 832-885-1732

And last but not least, my house cleaner, Alyeda Pineda. I would not have been able to keep my sanity without this angel. She loves my house just as much as I do and my son more. 832-875-0330 cell/txt


PS. Here are the original pictures:


Rachel said...

Your house is LOVELY! And so neat and clean. Now I'm jealous. Where can I get my own you think she'll commute to Raleigh.

Chris said...

Holy WOW!! I just kind of stumbled over here and am blown away by your home! It's fantastic. And clean. I envy that. :) Thank you so much for sharing it!

Shana said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you so much for letting us in!!!

Mandy K said...

your house is awesome!...I share the same love for black and white with you!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS home, so lovely - you've done an amazing job!

melifaif said...

Hot damn!!!!! That is some major major upgrading!!!! That hallway is fantastic. I am just in love....and I can only imagine how much your neighbors must LOVE you!!!!! So. When's the house warming??? is truly stunning.

Katie@Team Skelley said...

I hope that you are submitting your home to some major decorating magazines because SERIOUSLY. This is top-notch , creative, unique DIY. I love your huge windows and your crafting all-purpose room! I have an ulterior motive, when you are featured in some glossy mag, I will be able to say, "She was my neighbor!"

Tote said...

What a beautiful house. Everyone did a wonderful job. I can't believe the change!


InMyOwnStyle said...

Simple, spacious, and stylish - the best trio in decorating. I love what you have done. Magazine worthy for sure. I adore the dutch door in the laundry room.

My best- Diane

Grace the Heart Breaker said...

That hallway is KA-RA-ZY and I LOVE it!!!!! In general, the whole house is totally in my esthetic wheelhouse and the master is EXACTLY what I'm currently doing with mine (except grey on all walls, and black dressers). What brand/shade of grey did you use?

Jennifer said...

Love master bedroom and the hallway! Do you mind if i add it to my Pinterest account? And I'm also wondering what brand and shade of grey did you use? It's gorgeous and what I had in mind for my room

Tammy said...

Oh my. That is one gorgeous house. You should be jumping with pride. I love it all. I especially love the striped hallway..I know how difficult that is..
Love it...and a shout of AMEN to awesome contractors- they are far and few between.

cakebake said...

I need a multi purpose room! I also love you master bedroom. good job guys!

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

What a beautiful, elegant result & I love that multi-purpose room with the big layout table.

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

GORGEOUS home! I'm LOVIN' that striped hallway. I so want to do that in our master bedroom hall. Thanks for linking up.

Jennibell said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the multipurpose room for sure -- every home needs one :) It wasn't until I looked through the "before" pictures that I could truly appreciate your vision. . .I wish I had the ability to take something ugly and transform it into such beauty. And the pic of the hallway is what lured me over from Domestically Speaking. . .wow!!!

km said...

Your transformation is nothing short of OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

abeachcottage said...

You have a very gorgeous home. Looks like all the hard work really paid off! Well done

Amanda said...

OMG where do I begin?! The sliding door in the foyer: fab; the stone fireplace wall: gorgeous; the lamps on the breakfast bar: so perfect; the kitchen remodel: gorgeous; the multi-purpose room: JEALOUS; your bedroom: so elegant, stealing!; the stripes: amazing; the landscaping: so needed, it adds so much to the house to have taken down those trees. You should be HUGELY proud of this!

Doreen said...

What a wonderful job you've done! I really love the horizontal black and white walls in the hallway--I've never seen it before. Such a great touch!

Seaside Style said...

The results are fabulous! You did a fantastic job! Thanks for folowing me on Twitter! I follow your blog as well. Come check me out! Have a great day.


Be Colorful Coastal said...

Incredibly fabulous. I pinned at least three of your images today. I'm a huge fan of black and white and I loved your art work. Is it something you have done yourself?
Pam @ BeColorful

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful home. Love it. THANKS for sharing.

Stopping by from Cym Lowell's Book Review Party.

Stop by my blog this weekend if you like for book giveaways and 99 cent E-books.



Katharine H. said...

I absolutely LOVE what you've done! It's an incredible makeover. The black and white stripes in the hall make what is usually a ho-hum part of a house into an over-the-top fashion statement, setting the tone for the rest of the house.

I'm wondering if you've thought about painting the brick on the fireplace wall? Painting it a satin white (same shade as the rest of the woodwork) might make it fade into the background. I did that in my house and it made all the difference. Just a thought…

I found your blog through Cote de Texas. Now it's going on my list of blog favorites. Thanks for the inspiration!

My House, My Garden said...

Found you via Cote de Texas. Lovely home!! I am about to redo my bay home in Galveston and will be using Ikea for a lot of the kitchen. I am also a Houston blogger and LOVE Wired Electric. They are on their way to my home right now servicing our generator. Ben is top notch.
Thanks for sharing your home!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Can you tell me the color of your paint in bedroom? The gray is beautiful! Thanks :)

Casa Jacaranda said...

What a beautiful renovation! All your "sweat equity" has certainly paid-off in spades. Thanks for sharing! xoxo