Exterior Before and After Photos

Picnik collage

Finally!! It only took one freak out and 5 months to get the exterior of this house looking better.


BEFORE: Here is the house, the day we looked at it with our Realtor:


Here is the AFTER:




I still have to paint the porch floor and add numbers to the front door. I still would have liked to have painted the brick but the HOA would not allow it.  I am very pleased with how the vinyl siding painted up :)  It's a start!


If you have any questions about the process, colors etc. Just leave me a comment (w/ your email address) and I will answer.  As always, I am honored if you would like to share this post. Feel free to reproduce with attribution.


InMyOwnStyle said...

Even though it took time - it was worth it - it looks so modern and updated now. All fresh and visually appealing. Nice job.
My best- Diane

Destination Seaborn said...

Looks fabulous!!! I especially love the new landscape and pathway. Great job! Lisa

km said...

So outrageously INCREDIBLE!!! Girl, your make-overs are just SENSATIONAL... that amazing KITCHEN and now this... I don't know how you do it all! I've been in my house for three years and it still looks like a CAVE. :):) Now that you are all done, come help me!!! heheheheh... Can't wait to see the rest of your before and afters.

Wes and Tracy said...

Wow, looks great! That is quite a transformation. You did a great job.

michelle said...

It looks amazing!! Your landscaping is to die for, I love the pavers!!! It really opens everything up so you can show off those gorgeous windows.

Joy said...

Beautiful!!! I wish you could come do my house.

Marti said...

What a difference you have made there! Your house is beautiful (and I like the brick too).

Audra said...

It looks great! I love the lack of vegetation around the windows-I never can understand how people can stand that...I have to SEE OUT!!! Doesn't even look like the same house. Great job!

Jessi said...

That is amazing!! You now see entire parts of the house I couldn't even tell were there! Beautiful!

Amanda said...

Love the updated look. It looks tons better. I'm sure is was a pain in the tush but soooo worth it!

Natalie said...

Visiting from Better After.I love your walkway. I would love to find out more about how you did it. Will you share? Thanks janbug54@gmail.com

Stephanie said...

What a difference that is! It is so beautiful now. Those big shrubs really took away from the house, good call on that. Very inviting and great curb appeal.