Catnip in the Garden

I could not figure out why my catnip was struggling. I've planted catnip before with great success but this time something was amiss.

Then I saw it.

Hummmm, this stuff smells good.

Oooooh, a little rub here and wait for it...

Ahhhh, the full body rub. I LOVE ME SOME CATNIP!!

Nam, nam, nam.

This is why my catnip looks pathetic. Oh well, off to buy more tomorrow.

We should all enjoy our garden this much!



Unknown said...

LOL love it !!

Rachel said...

Now I want to plant some for my kitty. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's a success - that catnip is serving its intended purpose. The kitty is soo soo happy :)

elizabeth said...

LOL!!! So stinking cute!!!
go and buy a couple of flats of it!!

gina said...

Too cute. My dachshund eats my purple coneflower (echinacea) all the time. Perhaps he's trying to ward off a cold in that long nose of his?

km said...

heheheh... those are such fantastic shots! If I could enjoy my garden half this much!!!

Simple Daisy said...

Too funny!!! Darn cats:)

karen @ our slo house said...

Your darn cat outed me...
that what happens to all the chocolate Easter candy around here. (Imagine me rolling around, with gooey chocolate all over my face.)

Thanks a lot, Cat.

Anonymous said...

I am LOL-ing big time! I have a cat, and can relate! They never cease to amaze us with their skulking capabilities. Thanks for sharing!
I've added you to my weeks-old blog -

I also have a cat blog that I'd like to add your catnip adventure to? Copy and Paste your story if that's okay? with photos? It's (also weeks-old blog)

Best Wishes! Linda Lan

michelle said...

Oh my gosh that is too cute!! I love it when my cat rolls in catnip, it is the funniest thing!!! The look on his face just says it all....little kitty buzz!!!! :)