Painting the Exterior and a Poll

Thank you Sherwin Williams.  I have always been a loyal customer of Behr paints. I like the convenience of shopping a big box store and I always assumed the prices were better.  Then there is the little fact that Behr paints cover a surface like no other.  The paint rolls on like butter people!

However, this has all changed as of today.  Today, I walked into my local Sherwin Williams store and received the BEST customer service ever.  Not only did they help me set up an account so my painter could charge supplies (because that's how I roll) but they also answered my DETAIL questions on how to paint vinyl siding. Yes folks, you heard right. I am painting vinyl siding.

Then to add a cherry to my Sherwin Williams ice cream sundae, their web site is AWESOME!  They have this great software called, Color Visualizer. I uploaded a photo of my house, taped off my paint surfaces and then went to town picking colors and saving my images.  Brilliant! **Tip: Be sure to establish a profile before you start. This will make saving your images much easier!**

So, this leads me to my next point.  Which exterior do you like the best? Please vote in my anonymous poll or leave me a comment.  I hate picking exterior paint colors and have been completely stressed. Painting is scheduled to start the middle of January :)

Original House Pictures:




Option 1:
Trim: 7744 Zeus

Option 2:
Siding: 7012 Creamy

Option 3:
Siding: 7012 Creamy

Option 4:
2331 Neutral

Option 5:
2331 Domino

Option 6:
2331 Blue Door
Trim: 7744 Zeus

Please VOTE your favorite exterior paint combination! Thank You!!
*ps. I am not endorsed by Sherwin Williams*


Life in the Enchanted Forest said...

Christy - ABSOLUTELY you should and CAN paint the vinyl siding! I've done it, very successfully, and you won't regret it for a second! And you're right about Sherwin Williams - they have always been my favorite paint (and advice) supplier, hands down! You've given us some great color combinations - I'll review them again later and give you my pick - The house will be fabulous, whichever combo you choose.

Anonymous said...

My first choice is option number one (1) and my second choice would be option number five (5).


Anonymous said...

I choose option 5 as my first pick, second would be option 1.


Unknown said...

Loving option 5!!

elizabeth said...

i love Red doors!!! and I think it would look great with the grey trim or cream trim!!!
Red stands out!!

Life in the Enchanted Forest said...

Absolutely #5. Classy to the max!

km said...

Had to vote number ONE!!! Whatever you pick will look amazing! I'm a huge SW fan too...

Anonymous said...

I picked #2 - it looked the most "cottagey"

Unknown said...

2 and 5. 5 being my favorite. Love the grey door and neutral scheme. We plan on painting our house this year and a great tip from the painter was to be sure and consider the landscaping. Especially if it will be redone or changing seasonally. You want the shrub, tree, pots/containers and flower colors to compliment. Have fun!!!

Vanessa Morgan said...

I found you through your Network Your Blog post on BookBlogs. You have two new followers now - me and my cat I hope you'll follow the two of us back ;-) Happy Holidays!

angela | the painted house said...

2, 4, and 5 are my faves--i think I like the option of a lighter door (like the blue options) with all since the door is in a dark alcove--would lighten it up!

Can't wait to see the afters!!!

Briana said...

I know people use it a lot, but I really love a red door. Especially against a gorgeous stone. Number 1 for sure!

nell ann said...

I love number 4. Love it! And also, best decision ever to paint our house, brick and all. We also live in Houston. And I just read all your blog and think we have way too much in common. Good luck painting!