My Shopping Trip to Ballard Designs Outlet

I had a few minutes this past Saturday to shop the Ballard Designs' Outlet in Roswell, GA. I was visiting some family and could not wait to peek inside one of my favorite stores.  Of course, I captured the trip on video, much to the dismay of my hubby. He was a little mortified. Also, this was a very busy shopping day and I could see the annoyed look on the customers faces as they dodged my camera.

Oh well, I had to take one for the team!  Enjoy the video, I tried not to talk too much (hubby would turn red every time I started talking to the camera) but if you have never visited a Ballard's Outlet, then this gives you a glimpse inside.

This is a list of the sale items.

~Happy Shopping~




Katie@Yoga Gal said...


I used to go to Roswell all the time, how did I miss this outlet?

Destination Seaborn said...

Thanks for taking one for the team. My face was glued to the screen!
I love Ballard's outlet. There's one in Cincinnati and I scored some great deals when we went there!
Maybe one day we can really go shopping together:)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

So envious! It looks like a fun place to browse. :)

katherinemarie said...

ohhhhhh I so want that library card style thingy--- whatever you call it... I so need it.

DID you do the PB OUTLET??

I think your hubs is pretty darn cool... he gets it! (the need for us bloggers to photograph and video everything!) I'm not so sure how mine would react the video camera. :):)

René said...

That must have been such a treat! Next time call me, lol.


Halie said...

Great video! Thanks for the advice! Looks like you can score some amazing deals at Ballard.

Shannan Martin said...

So...what did you buy?? Loved your little tour! And I especially loved hearing your voice. We're one step closer to being real-life friends. ;)

bless their hearts mom said...

aw, you kill me- you HAVE a Ballards outlet...SIGH...probably a good thing I dont have one with 2 hours of me :)

So since you made me green with envy,

I'm giving you The Sunshine Blog Award!

CLick here for the info and to pick up your award!


elizabeth said...

ok - now need to stop in roswell

The Painted Home said...

this is ridiculous! I am getting inmy car right now to drive to Georgia! and it;s 8 o'clock at night, and I live in Pennsylvania!!!

alison giese Interiors said...

Oh, I could DIE - definitely would do some damage in that store!