Exterior Painting Panic

I changed my Facebook Profile picture to this today. It expresses how I felt about my day. More importantly it seals the deal on how I feel about my exterior paint choices.  


I knew that picking these colors was going to be difficult for me.  I must have caused this fate with all my negative feelings (not that I believe in all that cosmic crap).  Thank goodness for a patient painter and one that is getting paid by the hour (Ha!).  So, here is the quick version of what's going on...

1. My happy pills went missing
2.  Choice #5 won with overwhelming majority (even tho the red door was popular)
3. After the black was painted on the door, it has a purple hue to it
4. The grey siding color "fights" the warm tones in the house
5. The "whiter" trim color, the painter feels is too white

Here's #5 again...
2331 Domino

Here's a picture of this with my new iPhone (thanks babe!)...
Do you "see" the tug-o-war between the cool grey and warm brown brick?

Here's another picture with part of the old yellow vinyl starting to get new grey paint. Do you see the new black door? Yes, it does look dark :(

Last view...

So, this leads me to a new color...
Sand Dollar #6099 for trim/siding

Maybe one of these for the front door...
#BlackFox 7020

#IronOre 7069

My painter arrives back in the morning. I have 4 samples for him to paint. Then we will decide.  We have also limited the new colors to two; the door will be one and the trim/siding will be one.

This house is just too brown for this black & white girl!!!!!



Three Birds Inspired said...

Best of luck deciding on your paint colors. I would rather be "slapped, hard" than do that. I can't decide on the color for my bathroom because I just cannot commit...and it is a very tiny bathroom. Trying to decide for the exterior of a house would send me around the bend.

LOVE the sign. It is just so ME!

Life in the Enchanted Forest said...

Christy - I have used BOTH Black Fox AND Iron Ore - both are fabulous colors - very pure. I currently have Black Fox on my front door and window shutters. It does have a bit of a brown tinge, which may be what you need with your warm brick colors. I have Iron Ore on my perimeter kitchen countertops. I love it! It's a very charcoal-y color that has absolutely no undertones of anything else. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH EITHER COLOR.

Life in the Enchanted Forest said...

Just one more comment, Christy - the Black Fox (currently on my house) is definitely more of a brown, and doesn't appear true black either close-up or from a distance. (Cindy Carey had used it on her exterior trim in Ft.Walton Beach - that's where I first saw it - and it was 'brown' on her house as well. BTW - her stucco was battleship gray, and she used the 'brown' Black Fox). The Iron Ore is a true black, but not a harsh black. Just thought I'd clarify the two colors a bit more from my experience.

elizabeth said...

good luck sistah!!!
can't wait to see the finished product
and hang in there -
love your Don't keep calm sign too

Unknown said...

We used SW iron ore on our shutters. Perfect without being too black : o )

Jill Ann said...

anything you pick will look great! i would love to show you the visual recklessness that will be our new home in a few months. brown exterior, with brown window frame, and reddish brown gutters. barf.

like i said...what ever you pick will look great, just remember it could always look like mine:)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Just found your blog! Sorry to hear that the painting is being a challenge. I am sure the finished product will look beautiful. Always like finding other Tennessee bloggers.

michelle said...

Love the facebook photo! Not good about the happy pills, hopefully you found those. I can see what you are saying with the gray. I hope that the others colors worked for you, I hate choosing a color and I usually choose wrong! Good luck and I can't wait to see!