Cat Days of Summer

...and because my last post was about dogs, it is only fitting that I post about cats.  I am going to call these pictures the "Cat Days of Summer".  This is how I found Bella in front of my running fan today staying cool.  I need to work on her modesty.

The fan is actually on high...

I disturbed her sleep, so she stretched...

Then she covered her eyes and wished I would go away. I can see her peaking at me saying, "Are you still there?"

Have a great weekend~

**For those of you that are going to ask...Yes, that is an air filter taped to the back of my fan. I call it the Redneck's version of an air purifier. Don't judge.**

6 comments: said...

Such a cute kitty. I do like your customized fan! Have a great weekend. Jude

Gail Griner Golden at Gail-Friends said...

Priceless! And I love your fan contraption - necessity is the mother of invention, right? Maybe you can patent it!

elizabeth said...

so glad you have featured the feline's on your blog - I thank you-
she's adorable too!!!
check your email

Scientific Housewife said...

That is so cute!

JHS said...

Looks like what Buddy and Sophie are doing right now. But not in front of a fan. The windows are open & there is quite a healthy breeze today. They both have such rough lives. I always say there if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to return as Sophie. Adored. Worshiped. Spoiled. Adorable.

BTW, stop by and sign up to win a copy of “This One is Mine” by Maria Semple. Entries close midnight (Pacific time), June 15!


CalleLillyCafe said...

Hysterical! If you walked in our house, you would see the kitty & two dogs flaunting their stuff! Oops. haha!