Dog Parks


I believe every city should have a dog park. So every once in a while, I load Daisy up in the back-end of the SUV and we head out to PetSafe headquarters. These people know how to rock the dog park!

PetSafe Village is over 1 acre of fully fenced doggie fun with a natural pond, water fountain, picnic tables, benches, pavilion and a full agility course.


The dog park is also part of a much bigger project, corporate headquarters for PetSafe. So not only is the business run from this location but you have an awesome doggie day camp, pet grooming, training, boarding (with 24/7 drop off & pick up) & online reservations.

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Directions to PetSafe Village



jennie huettel said...

Thanks for the awesome shout-out for PetSafe and PetSafe Village! We couldn't do it without users like you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my dog would be in heaven in a place like that! Our city unfortunately doesn't offer a dog park, which makes me sad. I just moved from Atlanta where they had some great dog parks, to a small town that doesn't offer much of anything.

Unknown said...

WOW so cool, my dogs are jealous

katherinemarie said...

If I had a doggie... I would so take her! My teen was just saying today how much he wants a dog. ummmm ya, not happening anytime soon--- as much I would LOVE to have one--- a dog is almost as much work as a kid!!