One-Yard Wonders and a GIVEAWAY!

Photographs © John Gruen from One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins, 
used with permission from Storey Publishing

Author: Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins
Photographer: John Gruen
Specs: 304 pages, 8 x 8.5
ISBN: 978-1-60342-449-3

My Review: Exactly what the title says, "One-Yard Wonders".  I bought this book from Amazon to enjoy quick and simple projects. This book is about creating and sewing projects with one yard of fabric.  The book is divided into 11 chapters: Sewing Fundamentals, Dwell Redux, Household Affairs, Craft Organization, On the Go, From Head to Toe, Carry it All, Outfit your Small Wonder, Accessorize your Little One, Playtime and your Furry Friends.  There is also an envelope included with pattern pieces, a glossary, resources and applique pieces section.  Did I mention the the book is spiral bound? I just love when a craft book goes above and beyond and makes my life easier by laying flat.  This book truly includes it all.

I love this laptop cover & will be making keep!
Photographs © John Gruen from One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins, 
used with permission from Storey Publishing

The publisher would only let me share with you 3 photographs. Trust me, I wanted to share a lot more. There is so much in this book I want to sew and give as gifts. There is so much in this book I want to sew and keep. How many times have you gone into a fabric store and shopped the remnants for bargains or what about those left over fabric yards from other jobs?  Not only do you save money with these projects only using one yard but it opens up a whole new world for all those left over fabric scraps.

So cute! The book has lots of cute toddle clothing items.
Photographs © John Gruen from One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins, 
used with permission from Storey Publishing

They say that the best reviews are short and sweet. That after about 200 words people lose interest.  So let me get to the point.  Buy this book for the following reasons and you will not be disappointed: the projects come with easy to follow instructions, the projects are fast to complete, the projects are simple,  the projects will save you money on materials, the projects make fantastic gifts (& keepsakes), there is a project for just about anyone included in this book. Buy this book.

I have a friend that I will make this leash for. I will also include a matching dog coat from the book.
Photographs © John Gruen from One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins, 
used with permission from Storey Publishing

Projects of note that I can't wait to complete: Clothespin Apron (pg. 51), Origami Organizer (pg. 88), Toddler Pinafore Smock Top (pg. 188), Toddler Art Smock (pg. 214), Dog Walking Coat (pg. 272), Feline-Friendly Tepee (pg. 276). There are over 100 other items to choose from. What will you be sewing?

5 out of 5 stars

From the Publisher: Look at all you can make with just one yard of fabric! 101 fun and stylish sewing projects range from clothes and accessories to toys, home decor, baby items, pet beds, bags, and much more. All projects require no more than a single yard of fabric, and most can be completed in just a few hours. Simple step-by-step instructions, plus templates and pattern pieces where needed, make it easy to create something wonderful!


Giveaway Time!! 
Leave me a comment with your contact information & one lucky person will win a copy of "One-Yard Wonders".
Contest ends Monday, Jan 8th.
Limited to US & Canada only.

Click the picture to enter Storey Publishing's Yard of the Month Contest. Win free fabric for a year!

*Special Thanks to Alee from Storey Publishing for allowing me to review and giveaway a copy*


Under this Umbrella said...

I just recently saw this book and thought how interesting and fun it looked. I have found so many fun and interesting fabrics and either didn't have enough for what I was thinking of using it for or it was really expensive, but one yard is a breeze!!!

Loved your review. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

Anonymous said...

That looks like such a fun book. Too be honest I don't know how to sew but I would really like to learn to and am hoping to get a sewing machine for my birthday!! I would love to win!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

I would LOVE to win this! Could I be so lucky to win another fabulous book from you?? Oh, I soooooo hope so! I just learned how to sew and this looks like such fun! (IF not, I am going to buy it!) Thanks Sweets! Lori

WhisperWood Cottage said...

I hope today is my lucky day! Such fabulous projects!!


Unknown said...

only one yard huh? that's up to my speed! I'd love to win!

Tiny Head said...

I'm actually thinking about taking some sewing classes this winter, and this would be a perfect book to get me started! my email is

Sarah @ Dream In Domestic said...

This book was on my Christmas list, but I didn't get it, so it would be awesome to win it! Thanks for reviewing it - now I want it even more!

Angie Kerr said...

oooohhhh, this looks like a fun book!! I need something to inspire me to dust off the sewing machine.

Sally said...

What a great review. I will purchase the book if I don't win a copy. Thank you,

Renee G said...

I've seen reviews of this book --- but I wanted to take a look at it in the store before I buy it. However, I can't seem to find it locally --- I may have to splurge and buy it on Amazon (if I don't win).

Jess said...

This looks like such a great book! I need some new projects!

Marian said...

The laptop cover looks adorable; that project alone makes me want the book. :-)
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

This book sounds like it has some great ideas to pass the cold winter days at my sewing machine! Holly

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

ooh I gotta get a copy of this book. I love all of the projects shown!! I could start now making gifts for next Christmas.

Unknown said...

Wow! I'd love to win this. I have a lot of one-yard stash that I'd love to turn into amazing gifts like this.


Hillcrest Acres said...

Wow, what an amazing book. I would love to win it and try the projects.

Unknown said...

Cool book. I hope I win.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this books looks amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that laptop cover. I wish I could sew or was otherwise crafty in some way...


Unknown said...

I just got a 'starter' sewing machine - I would love to start learning with projects from this book!

Carrie said...

The book looks awesome!! I'd love to get my hands on it!! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

Beth Gallagher said...

Looks very cool! Hoping I win. :)

Tiffany said...

Just found your blog today through twitter and now I'm all excited about this book! I would love to win a copy! I'm following your blog now too. Thanks!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

That is a cute laptop cover! I haven't been by to say hi in awhile so I thought I'd do just that. :)

The Fam said...

Sometimes you find a fabric you can't live without and buy a yard. This book would be wonderful to use those yards in the stash!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

Callie Bright said...

I love that book. Aunt Linda gave me a Amazon gift card, I may just have to use it on this book.

Katie said...

I just flipped through this book at Borders, I have some Christmas money that's burning a hole in my pocket so I may have to buy this one.

bless their hearts mom said...

oooo- a book on 1 yard and making toddler clothing. i SO need this book!

Thanks for the great review!

blesstheirheartsmom AT gmail DOT com

Jamie said...

Oh this book looks like the perfect thing I need. I just got a sewing machine and I am trying to find cool projects to use with it!!

jbbird [at] duo-county [dot] com

Unknown said...

I bought this book for my MIL for Christmas. I took a sneak peek at it before I wrapped it. I agree it is a great book.

Kathy said...

This book is on my Amazon Wish List. I didn't purchase it yet because I was hoping to find a review by someone I trusted--and I did!

Kathy Weisner
Mukilteo, WA

Melissa said...

It looks like a great book. I'd love to win.
missmelissaf at yahoo dot com