Hunting Goodwill Part Two

So after my Goodwill excursion, I decided to keep going.  So, I headed to our local Habitat for Humanity store (Oak Ridge, TN).  For someone who gets all flustered at Ross & Big Lots, this store almost threw me over the edge.

{Side Note: I can't explain all the spaces in this post between pictures. My HTML code is a "hot-mess" and I can't seem to correct the issue, nor do I have the patience}


This place is so overwhelming. Not only is it packed full of "stuff" it is spilling out into the parking lot and into these huge storage units (4).


This picture is of the housewares department.

Look at all this plumbing stuff. Most was damaged and dated.

This bookshelf is nothing but cabinet hardware.

Look at these tall narrow mirrors. They supposedly came from Applebees. They are priced at $150 each.

I loved this table. Don't need but really like it. Unfortunately they want $200 for it...ouch!

Another sampling of "Stuff". I don't know if these came with the deadbolts 
(I am sure they do).

An entire wall of Doors. Mostly old, dirty and broken. I am not a digger. I must get better if I am ever going to find treasure!

Cabinets, Cabinets, Cabinets. This was just crazy.

This is one of the outside storage units...crammed full.

This one might have gotten away. This mirror is pretty big. It is not real wood and the mirror needs to be reattached to the frame. BUT the price was only $10

Ok, I am done thrifting for at least another full year!



Kate said...

Wow. I have a Habitat Store near me too that I've been thinking about visiting but now I'm not so sure...

Katherine Marie! said...

I can't believe that mirror was only 10 bucks... you could have totally made that into something fabulous. What fun! The last thing I bought from the habitat store was a HUGE bookstore size magazine display---- now my kids have their very own LIBRARY!!!! You never know what you'll find.

Did you finish your bathroom sink yet? One project at a time girl!!! :)

Katherine Marie! said...

ohhh gee... I just read the toilet comment... hehehehee... that is pretty funny. Disgusting, but hilarious. Is it worth it to find a deal???? :):)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hmmm....wonder if we have a Habitat store around here.... :)

P/F said...

Go back and get the mirror - in white or black (or a fun color) it's the perfect frame for a chalkboard or memo board.

I've been looking for one like it - all of the mirrors I've seen around here like it are $20 - $30 at yard sales.

Unknown said...

I just love seeing what other people's cities have to offer by way of thriting. Some of those prices were a bit steep. I think thrift stores are getting savy to DIY'ers. Great post!

trish said...

Oh how I wish we had a store like this around here! :o)