Hunting at Goodwill...

I am not a "Thrift Shopper". Yes, I like the bargains that come with thrift shopping but this just makes me cheap.  In fact, when I walk into a store, I like the item I need to be upfront with a big sign on it that reads: BUY ME.  Even Ross retail stores stress me out and don't even mention the word Big Lots. I can't do it.

So, about every year or so, I decide that it's time to walk into a Goodwill store or maybe a Habitat for Humanity store to find that great wood piece or white platter.  Today was my odd year.  Needless to say, I walked out with nothing but sticker shock.  Not so much the Habitat Store but that GoodWill store thinks a little bit too much of itself.

Please educate me on thrift stores.  Here is what I found:

Goodwill Store, Oak Ridge, TN

My Thoughts: Nice sturdy solid wood dresser. Has potential to be a sideboard. This would look great with new pulls and fresh white paint.  Goodwill's price: $150

My Thoughts: I liked the height of these lamps. When you have 12 ft ceilings, you are always looking for items that can hold their own.  Shades are dirty. No idea if they work. I don't know what I would do to make them look more chic. Ideas?  Goodwill Price: $15/pair  (I thought this was reasonable)

My Thoughts: Sturdy solid wood piece. Nice detail. Just needs paint and new hardware. Goodwill Price: $185

My Thoughts: Cute galvanized wine chiller, vase etc. This would look good painted or just cleaned up. I am not crazy about butterflies. Goodwill price: $4 

My Thoughts: Nice table. Cute curved legs. Leaf missing. Again, would look good painted. Goodwill price: $200

My Thoughts: Run of the mill white dishes. Nothing special. 29 pieces in the set. Goodwill price $20

What's your opinion of these prices?  Is it me?  Did I walk away from deals of a lifetime?  I will post my Habitat Store experience tomorrow.



Lindsay @ Makely said...

My goodness! Those ARE expensive prices. Geez. I wouldn't have bought any of that stuff (maybe the lamps, but I'd need to see them in person).

Total side note: I was born in Oak Ridge! ;)

Mary said...

Ya, it seems like thrift stores are jacking up there prices a lot more lately. Aside from those lamps, I don't think any of those items were a steal. Garage sales are a better source for finding great old furniture that needs a face lift. But if you can't handle Big Lots, I'd assume yard sailing is out of the question?! :)

MilkMaid said...

I don't even go into the Goodwill in town anymore. Who do they think they are, WAL MART? LOL....

Anonymous said...

Our Goodwill is much cheaper than that, hopefully it will stay that way. Most furniture is under $25. We bought an oak pedastal table with 2 leaves for $25 last year.

Shannan Martin said...

WHAT? That is pure insanity. They are dreaming.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Wowzer!!!! Waaaaaaaayyyy too much for those wood pieces. It's been my experience too that GW tends to overprice items. I have better luck at my local Salvation Army...even if something is priced high, they have days where you can haggle with them. Glad you walked away.

Katherine Marie! said...

Goodwill is always over priced!!!! I like those dishes... but 20 bucks no way. You could find something NEW at Tuesday Morning for way less.

I am not really a thrift store shopper, but I love the vintage goodies you can find at ANTIQUE stores.

I tell you where you would really go insane is the pottery barn outlet... no dirty toilets! Lots of amazing amazing prices. I wish I had one close!

DeeAnna said...

Those furniture prices are pretty steep! Our Goodwill store still has low prices, but the local ARC (thrift) store prices are way to high.

Unknown said...

I too had sticker shock at my local Goodwill last month and won't be stepping foot in there again. So much for trying to help out the poor man.

Kendall@ Finesse Your Nest said...

Okay, I am a thrift store whore and your Goodwill is definitely PROUD. Our Goodwill here is much less. The most I've ever seen furniture is $75 and that was for a large buffet and hutch!