#Galveston Beach House Remodel

If your dreams don't scare you... by koreen

I went and bought a beach house. Not just any beach house but one that is going to require a ton of work. Like the kind of work I have never done before. This poor house has seen better days & my goal is to breathe new life into this sweet little beachfront cottage. This is going to be my new story...I can't wait to share the work with you!

Big plans ahead...

Here she is in her sad, neglected state.

(Street View)

(Backyard View)

(Open Living Room - Kitchen - Dining Room)

(1 of 2 Bedrooms)

(1 of 2 Bathroom, I am Adding an Additional Bathroom)

(Bunk Room)


I will be moving walls, replacing pilings, new deck, new windows, fixing wood rot, leveling the house, gutting the interior & adding a laundry room & bathroom. The house will be a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom + a bunk room. I will furnish & hopefully add a downstairs storage room & bar before the rental season starts in March. Whew. This house is in my prayers nightly ;)

I'll be getting help from this great guy.
Immaculate Painting & Construction

And I can't give enough props to this great Realtor.
Sand 'N Sea



Katie @ Team Skelley said...

This is exciting! After seeing your previous work (some of it in person) I can't wait to see what you do here.

BTW, I do reserve the right in the future when Marc balks at one of my projects to say, "Hey, Christy is redoing a whole HOUSE. All I want to do is redo the laundry room!" :D

elizabeth said...

It's g oing to be freaking amazing!!!
Can't believe you think it won't be!
And I can't wait to see it in person!

My House, My Garden said...

I just finished gutting our beach house this year. We are in Jamaica Beach on the bay side. We have had the home 10 years and finally did it! I have some pictures on my blog if you're interested. Good luck!! Vikki

Erin said...

exciting!! can't wait to see what you do!!

whatever happened with the house you were building? I miss seeing your posts! :o)

sbasmiles said...

My mother just closed on her beach house in Omega Bay on 45... We figured we have 60 days (on the weekends) to get it ready for the Summer.. So we started interior paint on Sunday for 8 + hours