My Year in Meals @RachaelRay and My Year in Cocktails @JohnCusimano


Wow! Wow! Wow!
This book was sent to me by the publisher for my honest opinion 
and boy do I have one!

First, let me say that "My Year in Meals" by Rachael Ray is a good cookbook. The meals are simple, comforting & the ingredient list is easy to find. This book is everything you would expect from Rachael Ray. If you like her, her style & her food, you will not be disappointed in this book. I personally like my cookbooks to have more pictures but I am a visual person.

Secondly & MOST IMPORTANTLY, is the flip-side of this book. "My Year in Cocktails" by John Cusimano (Rachael's husband). Oh snap, these are some good recipes. I'm talking...walk into your favorite martini bar and ask for a bar They are fresh, modern, innovative & just all around awesome. Had I known this book contained these great cocktail recipes, the publisher would not have needed to send me a free copy. I would have gladly spent my hard earned money to buy this book.

***** 5 Stars

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I made the Blackberry Margarita, it was delish! My only complaint was muddling blackberries in the bottom of my martini shaker made it almost impossible to strain/pour. The blackberries kept clogging the strainer, so this was a bit of a pain & messy.


Buy the book, if not for Rachael's recipes then definitely for John's cocktails!!


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