The Playroom

Done on a budget.
Used what we had.
Could not convince him to go neutral.
His favorite color is red.





*Why yes, I sorted 75,000 legos by color & of course that is a frozen daiquiri {size large} on the table.








Inside the Closet



Lego Storage inside the Closet

In a nut shell:

1. The rug was handed down to me from my mother $FREE$
2. The sofa was purchased from Ikea in 2011 $Already Owned$
3. The 2 ottomans were purchased from Ikea in 2011 $Already Owned$
4. The bookshelves are from Walmart 2009 $Already Owned$
5. The storage bins in the closet & bookshelves are from Walmart 2009 $Already Owned$
6. Bookracks on the wall were built by Hubby in 2008 $FREE$
7. Bean Bag & Denim Pillows are so old, I have no idea! $FREE$
8. Curtains & Rod is from Ikea $Already Owned$. I used Max's old comforter cover (also from Ikea) to lengthen the drapery panels.
9.  2 Poster Prints are from Old Time Pottery 2008 or maybe 2007
10. Large world map Ikea $150
11. New closet shelves built by Hubby $80
12. Lego storage by Ikea & this smart girl $50
13. Clocks from Ikea $20 each
14. Lighting from Ikea $30



Unknown said...

Love it! Well done : o )

elizabeth said...

love the touches of Red - the kid's got good taste!!
Oh one last thing - change the clock on the wall from - Sweden - to Ireland -
just saying !! :)

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I was just at Ikea yesterday and thought that that they had some great playroom decor. My friend bought the same roll out storage shelf for her son's action figures. I wish we had one closer, I always find things that I cannot stuff into a suitcase.

Beautiful and inspiring as always!

AntiqueChase said...

I'm your newest follower and totally got sucked into your blog! Can't even remember how I clicked over but read back quite a ways and finally told myself to just leave you a comment and close the computer. I have a hair appt or I am sure I would be here all day! Loved your comments on blog what you live, not what you blog. FAB. I haven't been posting too much lately but I would love for you to drop by...

Bri said...

found you through farmgirl's had me at your choice of summer reading material and vodka-infused vegetables. And just looking at your playroom revamp exhausted me and made me want both the books and the booze immediately. ;)