My ~I am just dreaming~ Vacation Home

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Most people dream of vacation homes on the beach or ski slopes. Now don't get me wrong, I'd take any of these locations but lately I have been dreaming of farmhouses.

My farm house sits on 2-3 acres with a barn. A water source is a must but it can be something simple like a creek. I only want a simple house around 1200 sq. ft. or less. One bedroom with a bunk room or two bedrooms, one bath is fine and one open living space. I would love a stone house with a tin roof. Simple stuff.

Here are some inspirational pictures:

Of course this is way bigger and I hate 2-story houses but I love the colors and feel of this house (same with the second picture).



I love these kitchens but the first picture really captures my heart.




I love these bedrooms:

charm home 7

House Beautiful 17

Bathroom ideas:



varrier and co ldv



Living Room...

And this is what I will look like at my farmhouse...


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michelle said...

I heart all of these photos! Great inspirations and I would love to take a little bit of each and apply it. I adore that second house and the porch!

elizabeth said...

i am soo with you on the love of a farm house -
i especially love the kitchens!!!

Cori@WhereYouHangYourHeart said...

Those pictures are gorgeous. Any of those would be a great, relaxing retreat from the everyday grind- that's really what vacations are all about!

Tina Martin Publications said...

I love a white kitchen!!!