2011 Resolution #2


My second New Years Resolution is to landscape and garden more!  I am meeting with a landscape designer on Tuesday to organize my backyard.  Since my house is small, it is very important that I extend my interior spaces outside.  This will also be my first spring & summer in Houston :)

1. Re-paint & add architectural interest to my old/rusty metal storage building.



2. Square Foot Gardening (click on each picture for link).




3.  Add a Pergola over the back patio & garage.


4.  Add a Hot Tub (has to be above ground due to underground gas pipe).


5. Garden with an edible landscape (click on pictures).
blackberry kiowaDSC_0529_edited-1



Great Book: Landscaping with Fruit by Lee Reich

6.  Compost.

7. Collect Rain.

8. Create Ambiance (no credit for pictures, sorry!)

Country Living Magazine 34

9. Turn garage door into a carriage style door and add a driveway gate.

I can't wait to get started!!  I just hope I can survive the Houston summer heat :)



René said...

As an owner of a small house, you are right on with that resolution. Those images are all wonderful. Thanks for the shout out on the rose trellis.

Happy new year to you!


Tammy said...

Oh you are so on the ball. I have so many ideas running around my head and no way to organize them. haha
I spent a summer in Houston at the in-laws going through in-vitro fertilization while hubby was in Korea and I remember it being muggy and hot. So add some misters to your outdoors so you can enjoy it outside.
I can't wait to see all your projects come to fruition.

km said...

This one isn't on my list... but I'll be happy to watch you "grow!"

Angie said...

It all sounds fantastic!!! How exciting!!! Can't wait to see photos of the progress!!

Unknown said...

Oh your optimism is so CUTE! Sweetie, when it's summer in Houston you can barely walk to your car much less sit outside without dying. Seriously, and I've lived here almost all my life! We will have to get together and laugh about this post sometime around mid-August...

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I was worried that you wouldn't get my sense of humor in that last comment : o ) So glad you did! Thanks for the blogroll addition...

michelle said...

Those are wonderful! I would a garden that is both functional and pretty! The hot tub would help too! I can't wait to see how things unfold for you!

elizabeth said...

can't wait to see how all your projects turn out -
i am so excited to for the new year and all i have planned - so far it looks a pretty busy year already!!!!

angela | the painted house said...

I recognize that garage trellis! *wink*

Oh, the summers aren't that hot in Houston (insert evil laugh)...

Happy new year!!!!

Liz @ It's Great To Be Home said...

I'm loving the idea of the pergola over the garage - so pretty! I'm impressed by your outdoor endeavors - I know Dallas has nothing on Houston's summers!