Everybody is Going Green

This is going to be my attempt to go green. I will probably order one of those "purdy" barrels and install a gutter diverter.  Normally, I would make my own rain collection barrel but I have this really up-tight homeowners association and nothing can be added/modified to my house/landscape with out prior approval. I know for a fact they would never approve of a food grade barrel that I would find off of Craig's List.

So, here are the best instructions I could find for DIY rain-collection barrels.  If you make one, please send me your pictures/links. You can post them on Beachbright's Facebook Page.

written by david stone, illustrated by erich lage


Lowes' Video: How To Make a Rain Barrel for Collecting Rainwater

Recycle the Rain
Young House Love-How To

Happy Conserving!


Mama Thompson said...

This is fantastic....I am going to tell my mom (who lives in Seattle) that she should so do this...

Ellz said...

Great idea. Don't you just love those homeowner assoc. rules.

JoAnn said...

I find I also get more water than I am able to use by hooking up a hose to my AC condenser. Many gallons a week.

I am always surprised that this is never mentioned on "green" sites. Maybe I should suggest it! LOL My little ole brain thought it up.....

Tammy said...

Jeesh with todays nonstop rain I could have about 10 barrels of water. It sounds like a good idea..we have irrigated yards so wonder where I can hook this too so it can be used..hmmm

Jennifer Juniper said...

This is such a great way to use all the water that would just fall away. I would love to have one of these.

Destination Seaborn said...

I'm going to call you butter 'cause you're on a roll! Another great idea! I wanted one of these rain barrels this summer and...they were a little out of my price range. Thanks! Lisa

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All American packaging | Packaging USA | Wrapping Supplies said...

Great post!!! Keeping rain barrel covered will also keep out the mosquito larvae. When I was a kid, we caught rain water for laundry and other purposes. To keep rain barrel from freezing in winter, we kept a board standing in the barrel for breaking the ice.

Best Regards,

Catherine @ Cat on a Limb said...

This is an awesome idea! Love it! I'm a new subscriber jumping over from Tip Junkie, but this blog is right up my alley. Thanks for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

If you pour a little olive oil or vegetable oil in the water it will eradicate the mosquito larva..I got that from Peter Daniels who owns Wichita Rain Barrels..

Rebecca said...

In addition to my rain barrels I get the water from my dehumidifier from under my house. It give me a gallon or so a day, depending on the humidity levels, which is great for watering my flowers.

Anonymous said...

I use the water from my ac for my chickens - they probably have purer water than I do.