"It’s ok to do less. It’s ok to re-evaluate your obligations and to make room for the people that matter the most." - A Soft Place to Land

I am slowing down and doing less.  I am going to be making more time for family and myself.  I will continue to post progress on my remodel and book reviews.  My postings will be just a little more sporadic.  I am still reading YOUR blogs and I can always be reached here and here.

Much Love-


InMyOwnStyle said...

I totally agree. I am going to be doing less also.
Enjoy your time and family and new home.

My best- Diane

michelle said...

I hope you enjoy your time, you deserve it!! Sometimes we need to step away for a bit and simply enjoy life! :)

KM said...

I think that is one the JOYS of blogging. YOU blog when YOU want to and it works for your life. Your friends and fans will alays support you no matter what! I like that quote. :):)

elizabeth said...

I so get what you mean - I will be loving your posts still the same - hope your adjusting ok to Texas - can't wait to see the kitchen pictures -
hugs to Max for me!!!

Shannan Martin said...

We just toured a bank-owned home this morning and I thought about...you! Hope you're doing well, my friend. Hope you're enjoying this slow-down!

Kathy said...

Isn't it "sad" that we have to tell people that's what were doing? I love that you are at a point where you are slowing down and not regretting it. I know I no longer feel guilty when I say, NO. I have to put myself and family first. Enjoy this time!!

Tammy said...

You enjoy that family. They are most important. And when you post we'll read it then.
Nothing it that life shattering is it?