A Couple of "Before" and "In Progress" Pictures

Ha! No afters here...we are still smack in the middle of scheduling our kitchen demo (should start 10-17, but I think I am going to delay it a couple of days) and the floors are scheduled for demo 10-25.

The wallpaper has been removed from the foyer, the new smaller door opening has been framed for the barn style door and the barn door rails & sliders have been ordered.  The new front door and back door should be here around the 20th. One last thing before I post pictures, my landscaper is going to start planting Monday. Whew...and we haven't even started with the big stuff yet.


In Progress


In Progress

This is what the boys did today...cute and kinda sad looking. My landscaper is going to have a fit when he has to plant around all this Halloween stuff!



Dale said...

Great progress! You gotta live life and enjoy your family--and you are prioritizing well.

elizabeth said...

Which room is the middle one with all the counters and baskets/bins on the wall
I love how you put them all up on the wall like that
Very cool idea
Can't wait to see more!!
Miss you

michelle said...

Ooh I really like the canvas bins on the wall shelves like that! Can't wait to see more pictures of all your decor adventures!!
Your Halloween decorations are adorable!

melifaif said...

You are doing a lovely job. Keep at it! It will be to your liking before you know it....

Sheyb said...

Pure awesome. The End.

This is sheyB by the way... I am organizing a conference, hence the name I am posting under. ;)


Unknown said...

Looking great! Happy Halloween time!

Darcy from The I.Design Box said...

Being the organization freak that I am I love the room with the canvas baskets. Is this your craft/project room or home office or both? Can't wait to see the completed project.