Fox Motocross...Ghetto Style


Santa brought Max a 4-wheeler (battery operated).  Well, the twins down the street just got two 4-wheelers for their birthday. Not only did they get custom graphics, they also got the full-up Fox motocross gear.  Yes, I got one-uped!

Of coarse, Max wanted Fox motocross gear and custom graphics. Daddy said no to the graphics but thought the motocross gear was a good idea (until he realized it was going to cost $100).  So what's a thrifty mamma to do?


Ebay Fox Motocross Pants: $25 (incudes shipping)
Ghetto Fox Motocross Shirt: $2

The Ghetto shirt I bought from Walmart for $2. I then did a google image search for Fox motocross images. All I did was trace the image on the shirt with fabric paint and colored it in. Really easy.


Oh yea, the twins now want one too :)



Callie said...

Great Idea. It looks like he is perfectly happy with it. Did you get the Hoodies yet?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can change the name of the shirt from Ghetto shirt to just White t-shirt. Ghetto can sound a little offensive to some.

elizabeth said...

Love your idea -
and Max is just adorable!!!
I don't think Ghetto is offensive either - love the outfit

Mama Byrd said...

Ghetto works for me...We do alot of that around here and we're 1/2 black! just sayin" LOL!

Unknown said...

Seriously Anonymous? You really think this sweet mother that bends over backwards to raise a happy child was using the term ghetto in a negative way? Lighten up.

elizabeth said...

I agree -100 percent with bloggers abode