Glass Magnets turned into Rings - Minus the Magnets!

Glass Magnet Rings

1. If you ever need any kind of jewelry crafting stuff (& much more). Order from this company They totally rock and look how they addresses my package: To The Fabulous...Christy Bright.  I ordered the adjustable rings HERE.

2. what you need:
1/2" or bigger glass floral thingies (you know, the ones with a flat side)
Glue (I am using bead/glass glue from craft store)
Small pictures (I found some using google and printed them out)

3. Trace small circles and cut out. You want the picture a tad bit smaller than the glass marble.

4. Glue face down to top of marble. Let dry. Let dry. Let dry.

5. I can't figure out why I am showing you this picture again?

6. Glue rings to back of picture. Let dry. Let dry. Let dry.

7 & 8. These suckers are hard to photograph but the kids love'em!

Have fun.

You can read my post on Glass Magnets HERE.



Mama Thompson said...

Those are great...and would go perfect with the little kiddie (washer) necklaces I am working on...thanks for sharing!

elizabeth said...

what a neat idea!
Thanks for posting these ideas -
i may just have to try it!
enjoy your weekend

mysteryhistorymom said...

I will have to check them out! What a fun craft! Can I come over and play?:) Lori

Callie said...

Hey can't wait to do this with Raven she will love it. She looks at your site when she comes to visit and so does Ian. They love to see pics and videos of Max. Tell him nannie says hello! I love him very much. Grandaddy says Hi too. Today is his birthday.

katherinemarie said...

DARLING! These would make delightful little gifts--- I can see putting a sweet little photo inside for a fun little treasure!


Mama Thompson said...

I made these today with my 11 year-old neighbor...they turned out so cute...I linked your great tutorial to my blog!