Nick Hotel...The First Time (Circa 2007)!


This was our first vacation with Max. He was in that "Wild Terrible 3" stage and this vacation was the perfect spot for our family (& Grandmommy joined us!). We reserved a 3 bedroom room, so it was perfect for our Dynamic. Grandmommy had her private room, Max had the bunk-bed room and we had our own private bedroom. The room also had 2 baths, a living room & kitchen. They call them hotel rooms, but they are more like condos.

Most of our time was spent at the on-site water park and we took one day to go to Sea World. We rented a car but the hotel provides shuttles to all the "Hot Spots". One of Max's favorite was the character breakfast! All the characters took their time with each child and we never felt overwhelmed or rushed. Lots of great photo opportunities!

Timmy Turner Water Park

I can't wait to see the new pictures from this weeks trip. I know Max has grown but until you compare it photos you don't realize how much!

We are leaving in a couple of hours and should be at the Nick Hotel by 4pm (Just in time to hang out poolside!). Max has been singing the Sponge Bob theme song all morning. Secretly, I think he is hoping to see I-Carly :)

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Aye, Aye Captain-

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Unknown said...

We are staying here in May..we can hardly wait! We are having breakfast with the characters while we are there . They are going to sing Happy Birthday to Holli and give her a cupcake =)