Gobble, Gobble!

Today was Max's Turkey Program at his preschool. All I can say is that I was incredibly proud of my little boy. Just think, it was two years ago today that Max had to be removed from the school's Turkey Program because he was tearing down the decorations. Today, he had a starring role. My baby is growing up and it only cost me a trip to the video game store!

Max before school, wearing the outfit that Nana and Taco sent!

Max in front of our tree, waiting for the bus.

Max and his fellow "Turkeys".

More "Turkeys"...I mean friends...
It would not be Thanksgiving without Turkey Cookies! Yummy!
Love to All-

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Mary Lynn said...

I swear Max is the best dressed kid. He looks adorable in the photos. Good for him to be the star of the show.

I'm in dismay your tree is already up but not surprised. Are you always so efficient?! Now you have inspired me to have Christopher dig ours out -- maybe tonight. When he wants to kill me, I will point him your direction :)

One last thing - I love the cookies and my girls would love them. Do you mind sharing how you did them? Happy Thanksgiving!