Everybody Loves Raymond and Other Thoughts!

Grandmommy came for a visit this past weekend. Max has such a special bond with her and it was such an exciting time for him. Due to her visit being so close to his birthday, we decided to go ahead and celebrate! Max wanted a Star Wars' Cake, of coarse he got it and several of the Star Wars' toys and he got these too! Taco and Nana also sent some great gifts including his Christmas outfit (that I just love!). It was really perfect! We also put up the Christmas tree, did some shopping and got Grandmommy on Facebook.
Grandmommy is looking better than ever and having her here makes me want to move to Dallas. But every time I start wanting to move back...episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond" keep popping into my head! That show still cracks me up after all these years, ha! Enjoy the photos....

Don't hate me because my tree is already up and decorated!!!!

One more thing....that black and white zebra is Grandmommy!! Ok, Ok...I am done laughing, actually Max bought those black and white zebra pj's for Grandmommy!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Max from Cooper! Coop loves Star Wars too.

I am impressed that you already have your tree up, I thought that I was doing good having half the presents wrapped. Take care from your friends in TTown- The Skelleys

Mary Lynn said...

Ok, I'm laughing now! Grandmommy always looks good in anything she wears but I love the Zebra!