Let the Trick or Treat Fun Begin!


I sent my little Storm Trooper off to school wearing one of his many Halloween costumes. You see, this year he could not decide what he wanted to be, so we bought three costumes. Yea I know, spoiled, spoiled, spoiled! Anyway, the costume came with a mask but it is bulky and hard for Max to see through. I was able to get him to leave the mask at home with the promise of wearing Star Wars tattoos on his face and hands. He loved them! Oh yea, he has a Storm Trooper gun but I thought it wise not to take a gun to school. Gosh, couldn't you see the headlines...."Preschooler is Expelled from School for Bringing Toy Gun"...eeek, everyone is hyper sensitive these days...not like the old days, right?

Candy! Candy! Candy! I have a sugar high just thinking about tonight's Halloween party and Trick or Treating! Life is so much fun with a four year old!

Until I post Part 2, have a Spooky Day!


Byron's Costume...

Max and Emme

Max Trick or Treating at our neighbor's Houses

Our Scary Mummy in the window!!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween...we did!!


Mary Lynn said...

Max is so cute in his Storm Trooper outfit! I love it. Happy Halloween to the three of you. Enjoy your trick or treating tonight and don't get sick on candy :)

PS I personally feel three outfits are great. He is only a kid once and why not enjoy life this way now. Good for him and good for the two of you to not worry about it and do so!!

Unknown said...

Hi - the storm trooper costume caught my eye - that's why I'm posting 6 months after Halloween! =D

I was just thinking I could make up that costume I think with a white sweatsuit and gray binding (the 3 fold thing kind). Gives me an idea - unfortunately I don't have a kid!

It is a lot of fun to have costumes for kids to wear on rainy days. He and his friends can put together they own plays and entertain you and the neighborhood with little skits.

Tina "The Book Lady"