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It's late Sunday Night and it's taken us 2 days to recover from our vacation. It was a great time and here is a recap of our week:

First, two days before we left, we learned that our Dreams Tulum Resort had been temporarily closed since it had been built on ancient Mayan burial grounds (no really!). In a last minute scramble, we were rebooked at the Barcelo Maya Palace. It was a place we knew nothing about, but what the heck, it was Mexico and we wanted an adventure!

As it turned out, the resort was beautiful, great beaches, comfortable rooms, excellent service, plenty of food, and cold drinks. Oh yeah, it also had a great drop-in kids' club for Max, so we were able to even get a little alone time. We went with two other families from our neighborhood (The O'briens and The Mullins). Even though we got a little rain, I think everyone had a great time. Here are a just a few of our pictures:

The Kid's Water Park viewed from the Lobby Bar

Max and Byron hanging out in the Hammocks

Max Loved the Beach

Mike, Byron, and Steve playing "Bones" in the Bar

Max doing "Shirley Temple" shooters at the Bar

Balloon Animals at meal time were a big hit

All the kids got a long great

One evening, we were out on the beach and heard a rumor that some sea turtles were about to hatch. We walked down the beach and found a nest where the lifeguards were helping the sea turtles. A crowd started forming, but the lifeguards kept everyone in check. It was an amazing site to see the turtles fight their way out of the nest under the sand. Nearly a hundred turtles were hatched from one nest. The lifeguards gave each of the kids a turtle to hold and then we all released them at the same time. The turtles immediately headed for the water. It was an experience that few get to see. Christy got some good video and I will post it as soon as I figure out how!

Anyway, we would definitely go back to this resort. Our flights were pretty easy and we had no issues getting through customs. Max is already wanting his next vacation...he says he wants to go to Disneyland next (where does he come up with this stuff?)

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Mary Lynn said...

That is the most incredible awesome video! What a fabulous trip as well. Glad you had a nice time and all went well. As far as Disney, I agree with Max – a trip to Disney should be in the works for him!