Turkey Cookie Tradition Continues

I'm waiting on my boys to get back in town tonight. In the meantime, I baked all the sugar cookies in preparation of Max decorating them!


This is last years post (or actually I think 2009!!)...


I know that you have all seen this image.  Well several years ago, my then almost 3 yr old, saw this image too. So, for 3 years now, we have been making these cookies. He loves it.  After taking several batches to all the neighbors, the rest get packaged up and follow Max to school in the morning.  Win-win.

The Ingredients

Max attaching candy corn feathers.

Don't judge. I was tired and left off the feet. He did not notice so don't say anything (sh!)

Happy Thanksgiving-



km said...

LOVE THEM! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Hope your holiday was full of fun and magic. NEW HOUSE here you come! CHRISTMAS here WE come!

melifaif said...

hehehehehe....love that you skipped the feet. gooble gooble.