It's Starting to Look Like a House --Framing Stage--

Every week I am amazed at the progress!


3 car tandem garage

Living room.

Master bedroom.

Standing in the foyer looking into living room & breakfast room.

Upstairs game room but will be our guest suite.


Think we will be moved in by Christmas?



melifaif said...

I have great faith that you will!!!!! It is looking fantastic....exciting stuff.

km said...

soooo thrilling! WOW is all I can say--- you must get chills and goose bumps and happy giggles everytime you see your "new" house! You CAN make it by Christmas. and if not, you will have a lifetime (?) to decorate, enjoy and love in such a beautiful place.

tinaehb3 said...

very exciting !! we built ours 6 years ago and it was so much fun watching it all come together !!

Unknown said...

Your home is going to be lovely. We just built a home in Spring!!

We closed on our new home September 21, 2100. The hardwood floors were installed after closing, so we are just beginning to get settled in. We are getting Direct TV today, the internet installed 2 days ago and the telephone service installed a week ago.

Please visit my blog about my experience with building!! I hope to be posting more now that I have internet :)