Open Bathroom Vanities ~~Guest Post~~

If you're a fan of incorporating open displays of your home accessoriesthink open shelving in the kitchen that displays a collection of vintage dishes, then you're going to love this round-up of bathrooms with open bathroom vanities. An open vanity is stylish, and sophisticated, and while you don't get to hide your messes, there ís something about the openness of a vanity that ís so immensely appealing.

Bathroom Vanities
Apartment Therapy via

This open bathroom vanity is simple, clean and elegant. A marble counter top and chrome accents create an airy look in this bathroom. Store spare linens and soaps in a couple of wicker baskets beneath the sink.

Bathroom Vanities
Elle DÈcor via

Another wonderful aspect about open bathroom vanities is the continuation of floor space. It ís really nice to see all the white-washed wood planks beneath the sink, which is actually also made from some of this house ís old beams and walls, sheathed in glass tiles.

Bathroom Vanities
Delight by Design via VT Wonen

Love the rustic glam sensibility in this self-fashioned open vanity. Created from an up-cycled wooden table, fitted with large ceramic bowls ñand plumbingó this vanity hits the right notes of vintage modern glamour. Love the mini milk bottles on the sink too, those would be great to fill with liquid soaps and lotions. And of course, you can store extra linens underneath.

Bathroom Vanities
SVK Kitchen via Marie Claire Maison

Love how the pile of colorful pink and maroon towels compliments the other colors in this concrete bathroom! Even the wall art has notes of pink and purple, as do the lilies on the counter-top.

Bathroom Vanities
Absolutely Beautiful Things via

Even fellow design blogger, Anna Spiro, of Absolutely Beautiful Things, has an open bathroom vanity. White Subway tiles with gray grout are accented beautifully by a rectangular and an oval mirror, both of which are antiques. She up-cycled this old timber workbench that she found on eBay into a gorgeous sink. The result is simple, yet fresh.

Now that you've fallen in love with open bathroom vanities, you can get one of your own by purchasing it or by fashioning one out of an old workbench or table. It is sure to be a lovely look for your bathroom!

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Rebecca Grace said...

Okay, these are beautiful baths, but NO WAY could I do this in my master. I'd rather post post-partum swimsuit shots on the internet than show anyone all the crap I've crammed into the cupboard beneath my sink. It's like a dark, black hole of emptiness and hair products that I don't use anymore but can't bear to throw away because that would be wasteful. ;-) But I do love this look, and it would be fabulous for a guest bath. The open vanity concept creates the illusion of more space, and also makes it easier for guests to find things. Ooh, and I love the vintage black and white tile in the first photo.

Home Projects Ideas said...

Where do you put bathroom things in a vanity like that? Not to mention having small children it wouldn't be safe or stay neat for long. The idea looks nice but not practical for a lived in home. Think I'll stick with light paint colors to make our small bath look somewhat larger.

Home Decor and Accessories said...

Thanks again for having us! I hope you and your readers loved it as much as we had a great time putting it together.

Reyna Ramli
Arcadian Home Decor Editor