For Cod and Country: Simple, Delicious, Sustainable Cooking (GIVEAWAY!!)

I leave for New York City this week. I'm scared. I've been to NYC before, just never by myself.  I am so excited to be attending Book Expo America and Book Blogger Convention.  So, in celebration of these events, I will be posting book reviews all week!  So, if you are one of my friends who could care less about my book reviews, hang tight, I'll be back with my normal nonsense next week.  Thanks for all the support lately. You guys are the best.


For Cod and Country
by Barton Seaver

My Review: 

From the Publisher:
Even though there are hundreds of types of fish for sale, most chefs know only a few varieties. That's where Barton Seaver comes in with his unique approach: By combining all manner of fish (not just the familiar standbys) with loads of fresh vegetables, he fosters sustainability both in the sea and on the farm. Organized by season, For Cod and Country features only fish caught in those months (plus “a fifth season” for farmed fish), along with ideas for preparation, seasonings, and lists of alternate fish to substitute in inventive new dishes.

BARTON SEAVER has created three highly rated restaurants in WASHINGTON, DC. Seaver has been lauded as a leader in sustainability by Seafood Choices Alliance, was named a Fellow with the Blue Ocean Institute, and works with the Ocean Now program at the National Geographic Society to influence large corporations and consumers toward a more responsible and sustainable sourcing ethic. He is currently working on a television series entitled Turing the Tide for National Geographic. Learn more about him at and

“You want to save more fish? Eat more broccoli.” -Barton Seaver

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Dissertation said...

Looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Love the book title (and contents, of course).

Have fun in New York - don't be nervous - not as scary as you's such a great place to visit! Enjoy the conference.

Best Wishes (and thanks about the giveaway contest!)
Linda (aka Beachside Cottage)

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Hi - I forgot my email in previous post!

~Shari said...

have a blast in New York! I would love to go someday!!

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Anonymous said...

Who knew that Cod could be considered patriotic? I'm not sure I've ever cooked cod (knowingly, at least), but this book could get me to venture outside my comfort zone!

Have fun in New York!

Elizabeth Ribble

Eric Rogers said...

Ok, so I love fish, but don't know how to cook it. This book looks like the perfect solution!