Ikea Appliances


I have had several emails asking about my Ikea appliances. So, I thought that this warranted its very own post.  When I was appliance shopping I went to Home Depot, Lowes, Sears & Best Buy.  Home Depot & Lowes sometimes has great prices on appliances that have been returned or when a special order goes wrong etc.  So, I was shopping the bargains. I found several great deals but then it was always a hassle. They would not load or deliver etc. etc. So I gave up and ventured over to Sears. I felt that the prices were high and deliver was going to cost me around $500. No shit.  Also, several of the appliances I was interested in had to be special ordered.  The salesmen work on commission and one day "my guy" would be there, the other day he would not. It was just a pain.  This leads me to Best Buy. WHAT. A. JOKE.  I don't know how these places stay in business.  I waited around for a full hour for someone to help me.  Then the manager sent the kid from cameras to help me. Yes, you guessed it. I walked out of there vowing to never return.

Enter IKEA. It was easy. It was fast. Everything is in stock. Deliver was $30 (including all the cabinets). It was priced right. After about a 15 minute wait, I had the BEST sales person in the world helping me pick my appliances.

Some facts about Ikea Appliances:
1. What's online is in the stores. In-stock. Can you say "same day!!!"?
2. Ikea appliance are made by Whirlpool.
3. Ikea appliances come with a 5 year warranty.


4. I did have an issue with my stove. The clock was not keeping time correctly. I called the 800 number that came with my paperwork (it was actually Whirlpool). They sent A&E appliance repair to my house within 2 days. The repair man had to order a part that arrived at my house within 2 days and he came back on the third day and replace the clock. It cost me nada.
5. It has been six months and my refrigerator water filter needs to be replaced (at least that is what the indicator light tells me). I am not sure where to buy one. I will have to research it but I am not worried.

My appliance costs:
1. Refrigerator $1399: This is counter depth. I dare you to find a refrigerator that is counter depth for this price.


(this is not MTV cribs and yes, I drink wine from a box. we are just classy like that.)

2. Dishwasher $649: I am telling you, you can fit anything and everything in this baby. I have never owned a dishwasher that can take this many dishes. My only complaints; for the money, I would expect it to be quieter and the silverware basket could be taller.



Built-in Microwave $649: I love the look of this little beauty. It's a little complicated to use. I have to post a cheat sheet inside the cabinet door above.



(that's the "cheat sheet" taped inside the cabinet door so I know how to operate this bad boy!)

Ceramic Glass Top Slide-in Range $799: I think the oven cooks a little high. But then again I tend to over cook everything anyway. But this is my story & I am sticking to it ;)


There you go. My 2 cents. I will forever shop Ikea appliance.



melifaif said...

Very interesting stuff, good to know! I love the outcome of your home!

Katie @ Yoga Gal said...

I did not know that Ikea sold appliances! I just wish we had one in Huntsville. Love the look- very sleek. :)

westinflorida said...

I so look forward to these blogs. Anyone that peppers useful information with expletives (I cackle like a kid) makes a faithful reader out of me! Keep up the good work!

Arabella said...

We just repainted our kitchen cabinets and stuff but did replace the appliances yet - were thinking about Ikea...now I'm definitely going to purchase from Ikea. I love your micro and the stove. Hope you have a fabulous week.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, they look great too. The counter depth fridge would have sold me too!

elizabeth said...

wow - a great post filled with lots of info - i always wondered about IKEA appliances - I love your microwave oven - it looks so classy -

km said...

I really dig your micro. If I ever win a full kitchen makeover I'll remember YOUR great notes. :):) Do you ALWAYS keep your kitchen so clean and sparkly???

Anonymous said...

Hi - All my stainless steel applliances are already purchased (where were you four years ago! LOL!), but these are lovely esp. the counter-depth fridge.

PS-There's also a show on HGTV, I believe, that redoes kitchens and IKEA is the sole provider for all their kitchen redo - from appliances to cabinets!!!

Love the IKEA Superstores, too - have you seen their model homes? Some 700 sq ft, 900 sq ft? Incredible how they make them roomy and functional!!!

Best Wishes, Linda Lan

Lenie said...

Love the redo! I have been looking at the same Ikea fridge (in glossy white) but didn't think it would work in my kitchen as it would be right up against the wall on the fridge side. It looks like yours is also against a wall. Do you have any problem opening the door wide enough to get the crisper drawers open? Do you think the crisper drawers will hold up in the long run? With my current fridge (GE Profile) the tracks for the drawers broke off within a few years. If you get a chance to answer me, I would be most grateful!

Unknown said...

IKEA is the BOMB ~ You're kitchen still kills me it's so pretty :)

Unknown said...

I think the frig is going to hold up just fine. It comes with a 5 yr warranty just in case ;)

Our original kitchen design had a 2 inch space for the side of the frig but when we went to install...we forgot! It's tight but I have not had trouble. the drawers open fine but putting a large pizza box on the frig shelf can be complicated.

The frig is Whirlpool.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Michelle Smiles said...

Thank you! I currently have my dream kitchen but we just made the decision to move back north. The odds are low for our house up north having a decent kitchen (old city, old houses, old kitchens). I would never have thought of IKEA (despite my love of it) as a place to shop for appliances but I will definitely check them out when the time comes.

Becca said...

LOVE that you took the time to describe the benefits of the IKEA cabinets. I went through the same process and ended up with the same result. Loved the look, the selection and the price.
IKEA also has a sale (about once a year, in the spring)with an incremental discount based on the total purchase. I ended up saving 20% on that $1399 refrigerator!
Incidentally, I filled that gap above the refrigerator with a row of small FIRA wooden box drawers from IKEA. They were perfect for takeout menus and not-often used utensils.