My L'Auberge Weekend in Review

What is 140 miles away from Houston, TX?  What feels worlds away from Houston, TX?  What can give you a much needed break from your life?  Yes, you guessed right. L'Auberge du Lac Casino and Resort.

*picture from Flickr

Byron and I took off around 4pm on Friday. We did not go directly to the resort because we needed to drop Max off at his babysitters for the weekend. This added a good hour to our trip. Houston rush-hour on a Friday can be a Bitch.  We rolled into the resort around 8:30pm, hungry and tired.  This is what greeted us (after Valet parking because we new we would not be seeing our car again until check-out):

These two wonderful ladies helped get us check-in and this in my hand right away:

L'auberge EMBER Grill & Bar
*taken w/ iphone

My new favorite cocktail (mixed berry martini) from the Ember Grille & Bar. Cindy was our exceptional server so be sure to ask for her.  This was by far one of the best meals I have eaten in awhile. In fact, we ate at Ember's both nights.

I am not sure on the theme of the casino. It was western, Texan, lodge, all rolled up into one. Think cattle paintings, Lincoln Logs, browns, iron work, antler chandeliers and bears. Not my favorite of themes. I am partial to lighter and brighter but the casino does pull off the decor without being hokie.  One of the things that does stand out more than anything else is how nice the employes are at this resort. Everywhere we went, we were greeted with smiles and offers of assistance.  Everyone was incredibly approachable.

Our Room:
*picture from Flickr, not my actual room but close

Our room was simple (#555).  Good bed, linens and pillows.  Most importantly the room was cold and dark.  I had packed a small floor fan and was very happy to have it. The doors are very heavy and you can hear slamming all night long. The fan (& alcohol) took care of most of the noise. The TVs are in need of updating to flat panel but we did not watch much TV.  As always, there could be more electrical outlets. Our room had this small wet bar that maybe at one time contained a mini-bar/refrigerator.  I am not sure on it's purpose now - other than looking dated and non-functioning.  No robes or slippers. 

*picture from Flickr, not my actual bathroom but close

The bathroom was also simple.  I was surprised that there was not a tub, just a shower with a glass door.  The shower was in need of a good scrubbing. There was mold in the grout that I was able to scrape with my fingernail (gross).  Also, one of my pet-peeves is when a shower does not have a bench or ledge to prop up your foot for leg shaving and the toilets are crazy loud.  All-in-all it was fine (I am just picky!).

Time Spent:
My favorite time was spent pool-side. Yes, pool-side. It was about 75 degree this weekend and the pool was heated.  I was completely rejuvenated after a trip to the Spa (hands/feet/head massage) and several hours in the sun!

*those are my toes

There was also food/drink service poolside (great strawberry daiquiris).

The casino floor is surprisingly large.  Even so, smoke is thick and overpowering. I don't ever recall The Venetian or Mandalay Bay's casinos being this heavy with smoke.  Also, the table limits are ridiculously high (nothing under $25).  A poker room is suppose to be coming the 3rd quarter of this year.
*picture taken from Flickr, photos are not allowed on the casino floor

We charged everything to the room for 2 nights and dropped about $1000 (not including what we lost gambling). This included 2 spa treatments, 2 dinners at Embers, pool side drinks/appetizers, room service breakfast, $30 straw hat, 2 bottles of water, 1 scoop of ice cream and 1 chocolate mousse.

One last shout-out to two fabulous people who made this trip really fun and worth returning for:
KIRK HOUSER, Casino Marketing
SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST, whoever you are!! 

Will I go again? You bet!  Does this replace Vegas? No, but I will go to Vegas less frequently.

*All opinions are mine. I am not affiliated with this resort or it's partners in anyway.

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Katie@Yoga Gal said...

I liked the Jack Daniel pool-side menu, remind you of Tullahoma? It looks like you guys ha a blast! :D

michelle said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! It is so nice to be able to get away for a while and the spa treatment and lounging by the pool looks perfect!!!