Clothespin Apron ~One Yard Wonders~

If you like to sew quick, fun and easy projects...then buy this book. I reviewed the book last year and have enjoyed sewing from it!  Today I made a clothespin apron for my new retractable clothespin. Please don't tip off my HOA. The clothespin is behind our fence, I promise you can't see it from the front of the house :)

The project only took one yard of fabric and 1 hour to complete (not including cut out time). Now go out and buy the book. You will not be disappointed.







*The book was originally given to me by the publisher but this post originates from me and is in "no way" associated with the publisher and it's affiliates.* How's that for disclosure? Have a great weekend...I am headed here for some R&R.


Craftcherry said...

Love this book! This project has been on my list for a while now. My poor clothes pins are still in the plastic bag they came in and fall all over the place.

EverythingIveGot said...

That's cute in the madras! I made this for a friend and it's a great pattern! (albeit the instructions were confusing)

elizabeth said...

it's cute
and i love the fabric
makes me want a clothes line

Nancy said...

I love that book too! I am a craft/sewing book "collector" of sorts but I keep coming back to this book. Your apron turned out cute-I like your fabric choice.

km said...

So pretty! I like your pictures! :)