What's on your nightstand?


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I just love a good book :)



copleycasa said...

The Bible, Julian Michaels 'Mastering Your Metabolism', C.S Lewis 'The Complete Chronicles of Narnia', John Krakauer 'Where Men Win Glory, Neiman Marcus Christmas book, luxe interiors + design. Clock, lamp and an empty Shiner;)

Simple Daisy said...

I love your book give-aways!!!!
I have coastal living magazines and a Michael Pollen book on my nightstand:)

sharon said...

I've got
A Prayer for Owen Meany
Water for Elephants
Flowers for Evil

Unknown said...

Magazines, a tray full of face cream that doesn't do shit, a bottle of water and a lamp.

elizabeth said...

Jodi picoult
George bush
Vince Flynn
John Steinbeck

Varied isn't it!?!!
Enjoy your massage today

km said...

oh yes, I LOVE a good book. I've got the The JOY of LOVING, Daily Reflections, my New Yorker and about ten million others on my night stand. I can't wait for EVERYDAY IS A HOLIDAY! :):):)

andria lisle said...

oh my gosh - how exciting - i've been reading your blog for the last year, and have been following every step of your move/renovations (i really cringed when you lost the liquor cabinet!). so thrilled that you and your son are enjoying sewing school - just saw your review on amazon.com. thanks so much! xoxo andria lisle