Design 100 The Last Word on Modern Interiors (a Review)


Metropolitan Home Design 100 The Last Word on Modern Interiors
by Michael Lassell
October 2010
ISBN 13: 978-1-933231-99-0

*Thank you Robyn Liverant, Robyn Liverant Public Relations, for the opportunity to review*

My Review (5 stars):

From the Publisher:
From its earliest days Metropolitan Home magazine grew into the standard bearer for contemporary home design in the US and became an active participant in reshaping the way Americans live, always on the forefront of new trends, yet never elevating fashion over substantive style.

A favorite annual issue known as the Design 100 honored superlative invention and creativity in international design. Metropolitan Home Design 100 focuses on the best homes and the best rooms ever to have appeared in Met Home —as well as scores of new locations and never-before-published photographs. Each of the 100 houses, apartments, lofts, rooms, or design details included in the book is the greatest of something, and each has been created by one of the top designers or architects of our time. The 100 taken as a whole have been curated in the spirit of Met Home: lively, beautiful, accessible, aspirational, real.

Metropolitan Home: Design 100 is a celebration, a valediction, and a gift to anyone who loves modern design.

Inside the Book:

Photo: Jack Thompson, Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing

Photo: Formula Z/S, Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing

Photo: Ken Hayden, Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing

Photo: John GranenCourtesy of Filipacchi Publishing

Photo: Antoine Bootz, Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing

Photo: Nathan Kirkman, Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing

Photo: John Ellis, Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing

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Julie said...

I love books that give inspiration to you when you're reading them! I generally use them as "guidelines" for my own efforts! The pictures you have included are striking!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

Simple Daisy said...

Wish I were a modern girl...but i'm not!!
I love using books as inspiration but I don't think I own a single modern design book:)

John Granen said...

Love your blog...

John Granen Photographer