To My Houston Realtor Becky:

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I am a tough client. I know exactly what I want but always have the hardest time finding it. My house means everything to me.  I blog about it, shop for it, work on it and spend all my creative time dreaming about it.  Shopping for a new home is both fun and stressful for me.  When my world is not in order, I tend to be overwhelmed and stressed. You will be challenged.  

When house hunting, simplicity is my new motto. I want to keep my home simple. I don't need fancy finishes or lots of square feet. I prefer smaller spaces and "where to put things" challenges. I need shade trees and a backyard big enough for a pool.  A cul-de-sac street is preferred and I need lots of 6-8 year old boys as neighbors.

I realize that schools are going to be a challenge. You know my situation. Most of my readers know my situation with Max.  I can accept a rated school, it doesn't have to exemplarily. Private school is also an option.

Then there is the financial challenges that my husband and I place on ourselves. We live below our means, like way below. Sometime this causes stress. We want to keep up with the Jones but must be good stewards with our money. So, we might be able to afford those big beautiful houses but we don't want to spend our money that way. We will look to you to help keep us within our budget. You are on our team now.

Becky, you will need patience with me as a client. However, I promise in the end, I will be your biggest advocate and fan.

Here is some of my latest research, of course I have yet to visit Houston so I am sure my opinions will all change!

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13934 Kingsride Lane

4659 Ingersoll Street



Tricia said...

What a fun post. Laying it all out ahead of time always helps. ;)
Want my opinion? No. 3. Ooh, or No. 5 (although I would never spend that much on a house, but I like it alot. )
Best of luck on your new adventure.

katherinemarie said...

She is lucky to have YOU as a client!!! I can't wait for your your house hunting fun to start. I really think you should contact House Hunters... you would be PERFECT for that show!!!!!!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

My fave is 10222 Oak Point Dr- I see a lot of potential and I like the details. How exciting!

elizabeth holder said...

wow - it's true your actually moving -

you are the first and only couple that I have met - {even though we havent met quite yet} that lives below their means -
that's the motto my husband lives by-

I knew I liked you.

Angie said...

This is a cute post! My husband is an agent which made it all the better! ;)

melifaif said...

I have been thinking a lot about you is a great house in a great area, great schools, etc....