DIY Patio - Keeping it Simple

Now that our screen porch is complete and a screen door has been added, we decided that the space right outside the door and knee wall needed to be put to better use. Before the screen door was added, our BBQ grill was only accessible thru our bedroom. Really folks, who want to grill off the bedroom? So, we created a simple patio space to house the grill and due to the knee wall, the grill is not visible from the street. This is what we call a win-win.

This is what the non-grass-growing space looked like "Before":

Step One: Go to Home Depot and load up on sand, rock, pavers, tamper & a 2x4 board.

Step Two: Those bags of sand & rock weight 50 pounds each. Max & his 4-wheeler to the rescue. The weekend we decided to make this patio was the weekend after Byron's back surgery. Max & I rocked it!!

Isn't he the cutest, driving those bags around the house?

Step Three: Start to fill in the space with rock. Make sure to slope away from the house.

Step Four: Fill the space with rock then sand, tampering as you go.

Step Five: There is no such thing as "too young to help"!

Step Six: Add the pavers, leveling as you go.

Step Seven: Enjoy! I promise the pavers are more level than the picture shows. I think my wide angle lens warped the image. is good enough :)

Don't you just love spring and the outdoor projects that it brings?



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elizabeth said...

Medium Rare - that's how I like my steaks cooked ok - just so you remember!!
Maybe Max could help me w/ some of our projects here - he sure is a cutie pie!!

Life in Rehab said...

Nice! I did a similar project too, with weed blocker as the first layer. Shall I bring the potato salad?