Mario Fat Pants


I can't remember how the name of these pants came about. I know that these really ugly pants were a gift from Max to his Daddy.  You see, Max and Byron are engaged in playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii every night.  Hence, the really ugly pants with Mario all over them. Unfortunately, Walmart does not carry these pants for Max, only adult sizes. So, I bought a pair and used them as material to make Max his very own pair of Mario Fat Pants. Please don't tell anyone my Men dress like this.

This is how I made these pants for Max:

1. Go to this site MADE for a complete tutorial.
2. I used a pair of PJ bottoms that fit Max really good to trace for my pattern.

3. I then cut out my patterns and put them on top of the Men's large pants. I then cut out the pieces. Max wanted pockets, so I cut some of them out too.

4. Ask your 6 year old to be still for a photo. This is what you get...
Picnik collage

Happy Fat Pant Wearing-


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Max will always remember that his Mommy made him the COOLEST pants! Nice job Mom. He looks beyond thrilled with them :).

katherinemarie said...

heheheheheh... sensational FAT PANTS for all! I need a pair too! :):)

elizabeth said...

sooooo cute!!!
Max will love that picture when he's 40!!!

by the way...
love your wood floors!!

Mary Lynn said...

Hysterical post! Great pants. You are ALWAYS so creative and do such a great job. I have gotten so many ideas of things to do, things to buy and things to read from your blog! PS Any incite on Universal Studios and what to take kids to do and see? PSS Any incite on what to buy a 6 year old boy for his birthday? I have girls and do not have a clue as to what to get a 6 year old boy!

Scientific Housewife said...

That is really funny and adorable!

Ashley said...

So cute! And I LOVE that they play the Wii together. We still don't have one.....I'm worried it will take over my TV!