Store It! Where to Put all the Things you Need to Keep

Stor It!
Photo Credit: Eric Roth, James Yochum, David Duncan Livingston, John Gould Bessler, Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing.

Author: Mervyn Kaufmann
and the experts at
Filipacchi Publishing
September 2009
Specs: 144 pages, 250 color photos
ISBN 13: 978-1-933231-59-4

**All Photos Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing and Are Granted For One Time Use**

My Review: This is a great book for getting organized in the new year. Store It! is full of useful information from top designers. Most of the ideas can be adapted to fit any space, big or small and are practical for every budget.

Stor It!_0001
Photo Credit: Matthew Millman Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing.
I love how the corner fireplace was used in this space. What great storage in the window seat and the books around the TV help to balance the space. 

Store It! is divided into 8 main chapters: Entrance, Welcoming Spaces, Kitchens, Kitchen Extras, Work-Spaces, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and a section called Out-Of-The-Way Places. There is also a resources section to help with shopping and product research.

Picnik collage
Photo Credit Jamie Hadley Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing.
I love the use of a closet to house a child's bed. This is such a cute idea. What a lucky kid!

I enjoyed several of the rooms and found myself marking 5-6 different photos for reference.  Several of the photos looked staged and not practical (closets and garage) but overall I walked away with some practical organization ideas. Be sure to read this book. The book offers very smart tips and advice for saving time & space when it comes to organizing everyday items. What I did not get from this book was anything new. I felt like most of the organizational applications had been done before- a real been there, done that moment.  I wish there had been more instructional How-To and Do It Yourself tutorials.  Most of the shelving and organizational tools looked custom but might be a good starting point for Do It Yourselfers to copy.

Photo Credit Alex  Hayden Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing.
This home office is set-up in a kitchen. I love the chalk board backsplash and galvanized bins used for storage. I also believe that small home offices in the kitchen are a great idea. Where else would you find a better space to conduct home business but in the heart of the home - the kitchen!

Stor It!_0012_NEW
Photo Credit Eric Striffler Courtesy of Filippachi Publishing.
I thought that this was a very practical storage for a closet laundry room. So many of us have our laundry rooms behind louver bulky doors. Removing the doors and installing a curtain really helps with this space. Also, the adjustable shelves come in handy for the different sizes of detergent bottles.

If you are trying to get a handle on your current clutter, are downsizing or building a new home, then this book could provide some simple storage ideas and inspiration.

3.5 out of 5 stars

From the Publisher: The comprehensive guide to making, finding and organizing space in your home from the entryway to the attic.

After pulling everything you own off of shelves, and out of closets and cabinets - and disposing of what you don't need and won't ever use - your next task is figuring out how to store what you've kept. Mervyn Kaufman, author of Store It!, leads you through every corner of the house, from entry to attic, exploring ways to expand storage and eliminate clutter.

You will see how consoles with drawers and benches with bins can help you hide essentials. Kaufman will show you how a wall of shelving can let you store all your books or collectibles and how discreetly positioned cabinets will keep platters, big bowls and table linens where you need them but out of sight.

Kitchen storage can be amplified, even in tiny rooms, and that goes for bathrooms too. Kids' rooms, like home offices, seem to invite clutter. This book will show you how to contain it so it won't overflow elsewhere. Last but not least, bedrooms and closets get a thorough examination.

Store It! offers space-stretching ideas from gifted designers. What you see, and are invited to adapt, will vary in scope and complexity. But all of it is focused on one goal: to make your home comfortable and uncluttered, so everything has its own accessible place.

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I am giving away my review copy of Store It! All followers are automatically entered in my book giveaways. If you would like an additional entry, leave me a comment with your biggest organizational challenge. Winner will be announced Wednesday, Jan 6th.

**Thank you Robyn from Filipacchi Publishing for the opportunity to review**

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Linda Garcia said...

My biggest org challenge is probably creating systems that are actually used by myself and my husband. It's just us right now and even two rational adults who have a designated spot for keys lose them. I don't like to think about the number of times we've spent a morning running around to find the right set of keys or our respective cell phones. Ugh!

Thank you for the great review. Happy New Year!

elizabeth said...

my biggest challenge is my pantry= i don't like removing everything from a box and putting it in a see through container - i don't have enough of those -
does anyones pantry ever stay clean and organized?
Happy New Year -

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Awesome book, awesome giveaway!!! :)

My biggest challenges are the (non-existent) pantry, the kids' clothes and toys, our closet (my purses), and my craft stuff. If I had to choose just one, I'd have to say the kids' stuff...I'm planning on having my girls share a room as soon as the younger one is ready for a big girl bed, and I don't know how I'll combine their closets!! :)

Happy New Year!

Tammy said...

My quandry is my craft studio..I have tons of storage but it is such a mess. But my main storage problem is my linen closet or lack there-of. I have wire metal rack in the hallway to store sheets, towels etc...I need something better.

I love your book reviews and have purchased books because of your great reviews. Thanks.

~Nancy~ said...

My biggest issue is my way too small (for 4 kids) mudroom! Too much stuff, too little space! Love your site. Thanks. Nancy

Annikke said...

I was just staring at all my craft stuff. Unfortunately this new house of ours doesn't provide a craft space for me. The kids are covered, but not me. That is my biggest challenge now. If I pack it all up then it isn't accessible when I need to use it.

Callie Bright said...

I love the office space, that is what I am planning to do with my spare room. If we ever get our red barn storage shed. Thans for th reviews and pics.

Angie Kerr said...

My biggest challenge is paperwork!!

susan aka clutterbrained said...

ohhhh please please please. This is my new blog/challenge for 2010 - I sooooo need to get my act together. Have already started making some baby steps and this would help me so immensely.

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

My biggest challenge right now is my laundry room. It's also a pass thru from the garage so everything gets dumped there.

Michelle said...

My biggest challenge is the lack of space in our home and small bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

My kitchen is by far the biggest challenge for me. It's very small, with limited counter and cabinet space - made even smaller by a few kitchen gadgets my husband got for Christmas this year!

Unknown said...

My biggest organizational challenge is my bedroom. My closets are not set up to contain all of my clothes and shoes. I have an inefficient master bathroom that does not support organization of the towels and other toiletries. I really need help with my bedroom and bathroom to keep my clothes and bathroom towels neatly stored out of sight.

bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

Anonymous said...

Mom to three homeschooled kids....Yes, storage and organisation is always on the to do list!!! I would LOVE this book!

WhisperWood Cottage said...

The main issue is the mudroom/laundry/utility room...I'm at a loss for what to do! :)


EMILY G. said...

my biggest problem is my kitchen!! i just cant seem to keep it orginized!! this book looks pretty good! thanks!

Destination Seaborn said...

Oh how I love organizational books! My biggest problem has always been organizing clothes and paperwork.

Unknown said...

This looks like a great book! My biggest organizational challenge would definitely have to be a space for all of my scrapbooking/craft stuff!

Mommy said...

My biggest organizational challenge is my office. It is our 5th bedroom (11x11) and it becomes the catchall room. Just found your blog. Love it!