DIY Dog Collar (Yes, I have nothing better to do)

My Christmas shopping is done. My house is clean. My laundry is put away.  I am bored. Or crazy. Maybe both. I made a dog collar. For a beagle no less.

Let me back up.  I love LILBLUEBOO. Love. Love. Love. I love her creativity. Her energy. Her spirit. Yes, I realize there are a lot of short sentences. My blog.  Back to the story.  Love LILBLUEBOO. Not too long ago she made this really cool belt. Thanks to my waist line, I have not worn a belt since 2002.  So, instead of a belt, I made a dog collar.

Are you still with me?  Have you ever done a project where everything went wrong? Everything? This was my project. It took me two days, two weeks a part, to finish. Today I finished.  I am not going to write about "how to do this" project. You can read about it here on LILBLUEBOO's blog. Nobody gives directions like she does.

I used Dingo brand bones packaging for Daisy's (beagle) collar. Yes, this is mean. Her nose can still smell the bones from the plastic. She went nuts the entire time I was making this collar. Stuff you need:


You don't need the Heat-n-Bond (or I don't think you do. Crap, maybe I was suppose to use the Heat-n-Bond? Can't remember.)

This is my story.

1. I bought nylon belt webbing instead of cotton. Not sure it made a difference but I went back to the store and bought cotton.

2. I ran out of bobbin thread right in the middle of critical seams, causing mass looped mess.


3. Three needles broke. I hate re-threading needles.


4. Came millimeters away from running out of spool thread. I prayed. It worked.


5. When Lilblueboo says that the plastic bags will shrink. They do. Like a lot.

6. When Lilblueboo says that you can have your iron too hot. You can. It makes a holy mess. Literarily.

7. When Lilblueboo says that plastic likes to roll. It does.


8. If someone can attach a clasp backwards, I can.

OK, enough of my whining. The collar turned out really cute! Yes, I would do this again!

Daisy Dingo Collar

A couple photos of the collar:
Picnik collage



kw said...

Genius!! You should add it to my Handmade Holidays at The Snail's Trail. It would make a great gift!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

It looks great...and so does the model! :)

Happy Holidays!


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

It's totally cute but from the pic it looks too tight on your doggie's neck. Any normal person wouldn't have the guts (decency?) to tell you that, but I bet they're thinking it. Wouldn't want poor Daisy to choke in the name of totally cute collars. But considering all the effort that went into making said cute collar, maybe a little choking isn't so bad? :) It's adorable.

Unknown said...

A great posting and funny too.

Annie said...

Very cute! My pug would totally love that business!

Ashley said...

You are so funny! Thanks for the nice words! I love you too!

Daisy looks fantastic. And she knows she is saving the environment....LOL.

Don't worry....I had ALL the same issues you had making my belt. At least you are honest enough to share yours.....hahah!

Christine said...

We have beagle named Daisy too!! Love the collar. Worth the effort!

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

brilliant! wish I had a doggy too.


Shenandoah bed and breakfast said...

Nice post, I have been cleaning for about 4 days straight. There is still more that I want to do, but, I have gotten A LOT accomplished. I even had supper ready by 2:00 this afternoon. I really like that buffet server I bought. The only down side to it is that it takes up way too much room, and I don't have anywhere to properly store it.


A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

Very cute collar, adorable pup and your tutorial was great! It made me giggle this morning. I truly appreciate your honesty! This was a for-real tutorial! =)

Destination Seaborn said...

Aww! What a cute collar. This would make a great gift! I loved reading that post...too funny and too familiar. Thanks for stopping by...just think of all the doggy accesories we could sew up if I lived closer to you:)