Spam has taken over my comment section, so I have reluctantly added "Word Verification" to my comment section. So Sorry! I hate word verifications just as much as you do. Hopefully, I can keep this on for a few weeks and then remove it.


Have a Happy Weekend!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I've had the same "Anonymous" spammer two times this week on posts that were months apart. I know it's the same person b/c they left the same Lame-O comment. Something about "great work you do. Sorry for off topic" blah blah with some random link that I did NOT click on. Makes me so angry. Like they think people will actually click on that junk??

Lori P said...

I've had the same thing. It's just a necessary evil and it's certainly nice to know you're not letting those "bad guys" get away with anything. :)