Guest Blogging


Hey folks!

I am guest blogging (assuming Katie can read my html and picture links, ha!) over at YogaGal.  Katie is doing a week long series on Decorating for Kids. So, head on over and look for my post. While you're there be sure to drop a comment for Katie, she is a new blogger with a terrific blog!

Happy Thursday-



Katie@Yoga Gal said...

I got it up! Yippee! And only broke my camera in the process. Actually, the camera was unrelated to the posting, I was just moving my laptop to finish posting on the couch, and forgot that I had the camera plugged into it. Cue camera hitting hardwood. Marc is not going to be happy when he gets home, ugh, that is the second electronic gadget I have broken this year (1st one being me washing my Ipod). Blargh.


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