What Shall We Do Today?

What Shall We Do Today?
60 Creative Crafting Projects For Kids

Author: Catherine Woram
Ryland Peters & Small
August 2009
ISBN: 9781845978877
160 pages, 300 color photos, 9' x 9.25"

My Review: I enjoyed this book!  In fact, I have marked several of the projects to complete over the Thanksgiving holidays. For this review, I completed the Snow Globes project on page 129. Max and his friends had so much fun doing this project. The Snow Globes were so easy and relatively fast for my 5 year old's attention span -- a perfect combination!

The projects range from the classics; Paper Mache, Finger Puppets to some newer projects; Crystallizing Pansies, Modeling with Balsa Wood. The color pictures are bright and descriptive. The instructions average around 5 step and are easy to follow.  The items needed for the crafts are simple to find.

The book is divided into 4 sections; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Very creative!  Some of the additional projects I can't wait to try...Pompoms, Peanut Heart, Pumpkin Birdseed Feeder and the Snow Globes (see below for my pictures & snow globe tutorial).


From the Publisher: For children, the experience of creating is every bit as important as the end result. Making, baking and growing will fire their imaginations and offers an inspiring alternative to endless hours spent in front of the computer or TV screen. What Shall We Do Today? is packed with more than 60 colourful, fun and imaginative projects by Catherine Woram, designed especially for boys and girls aged between three and 12 years. The book is arranged by season, and each section is crammed full of ideas for fun crafts, great gifts and pretty decorations to keep children busy during the long summer days and rainy afternoons alike. Every project can be completed using readily available materials and in five or fewer steps – just follow the step-by-step instructions and you can't go wrong!


Here are the Snow Globes from page 128.  Max had a blast adding all the ingredients to the jar and picking out an ornament.  The night before we planned to make these snow globes, I glued all the ornaments to the lids and let them dry overnight. I also sealed the ornament with a spray polyurethane. This is not noted in the instructions.

I bought all my items from Walmart.
1. Glass Jars
2. Distilled Water
3. Glycerin
4. Clear Liquid Dish Soap
5. Glitter
6. Strong Waterproof Glue
7. Ornament/Figurine
8. Craft Silicone Sealant, optional


Glue the ornament to the jar lid. Let dry overnight and spray with sealant (polyurethane).

I used baby food jars for the smaller snow globes.

Fill the jar with distilled water. Get it as full as you can but take into consideration the weight of the ornament.

Add approximately 2t of glycerin, 1/2t of dish soap.

Add 5-6t of glitter.

Add silicon sealant around the lid for a leak proof seal. Shake & enjoy!



Because I loved this book so much, I am giving away a copy! If you follow my blog, you are already entered. For an additional entry and to increase your chances of winning you can do the following:

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Contest ends Friday, November 27th. Canada & US Residents Only (Sorry!).


You can buy What Shall We Do Today by Catherine Woram from Amazon and other fine book retailers.

**Thank you Marny from Ryland Peters & Small for the opportunity to review this book**




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I love that Idea. And I so need that book. If I don't win. I will be buy one or two or three. To give as Christmas gifts. What a great idea.

Callie Bright said...

I love that Idea. And I so need that book. If I don't win. I will be buy one or two or three. To give as Christmas gifts. What a great idea.

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My friend loves snow globes, perfect idea for my kids to make for her.

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