At Home with White by Atlanta Bartlett


At Home with White by Atlanta Bartlett

Authors: Atlanta Bartlett & Karena Callen
Photographer: Polly Wreford
Ryland Peters & Small
March 2007
ISBN: 9781845973490

My Review:
I love this book. Even though my style is more Pottery Barn (Yes, I am sure Atlanta Bartlett is cringing if she ever reads this review), I am a lover of white.  This book captures the essence of white and will now become my "go to" for all things white.


Just the other day, I bought this dark stained ratty thrift store dresser and in my mind I wanted it to become a worn shade of white. I was not sure how to execute this look but after spending some time looking over the pages of this book, I had the confidence to achieve the look I wanted.


This book is about texture and shine. Atlanta Bartlett takes you through several themes: classic, romantic, beach, country and modern. There is really something here for all styles.

If you do any decorating, either your own personal home or professionally, then this book needs to be in your library.  This is the Bible on all things white.

Think Shabby Chic meets Anthropology meets Vintage Eclectic.


Publisher's Review:
White can work in every home. Classic, timeless, easily adapted to changing fashions, and excellent for maximizing light, it is far from bland or boring. Authors Atlanta Bartlett and Karena Callen begin by showin you How to Use White to create a multitude of environments--from warm and homey through to cool and calm--with different textures and shades. Next, Creating a Mood with White describes five themes, Classic, Romantic, Beach, Country, and Modern, and demonstrates how to design a successful white interior. Finally, Living with White illustrates, room by room, how to make white right for you. From bedrooms to bathrooms, you'll see that white is the most versatile colour for contemporary living. Explore these inspriational interiors and easy-to-achieve ideas, and transform your one with white. *With elegant photography by Polly Wreford.

You can learn more about Atlanta Bartlett on her website. At Home with White can be purchased from Amazon.


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Annie said...

I too - don't live with white - I'm all about color. However, I love to admire all white homes. They aren't my personal style, but I have a deep appreciation of them. I think I'd love this book in my collection of home decor go to items!

Shannan Martin said...

Looks like a super fun and inspiring book! Thanks for the heads up. :)

elizabeth said...

I agree with you -
I too love Pottery Barn!!
Those white pic's you posted were great though -
do you have a pottery barn outlet near you??? I have heard they exsisted but don't have one here in florida.
Have a great weekend.

katherinemarie said...

GORGEOUS! I so adore white too... but I laughed at the publishers comment, "white can work in any home." I think "white can work in any kid-free home" is more like it!

And to Elizabeth above--- yes, pottery barn outlets are FOR REAL... just imagine everything you see in the catalog for 75% less- it's like one step away from heaven! :)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, my gosh, I'm swooning here! I have a thing for white rooms, so I need to get this book. Thanks for the review (and the link)!