This is Just Not Right


Max has his first "selling" experience and this is just not right. Last night after football practice, the Coach handed out raffle tickets for all the kids to sell. Max's goal is to sell 50 tickets at $3 each. Sounds good, huh? Well, there is a catch. The poor little old Girls & Boys Club does not have any prizes to raffle. Yes, you heard right. Max is selling $3 raffle tickets for prizes still to be determined. Sad, Sad, Sad.

So, it is payback time. I have been a frozen cookie dough, Christmas card packs, wrapping paper, candy jars, girl scout cookies, frozen pizza, mile walking, race running, weight lifting sponsor for years. I am now asking to be sponsored.

Click on the Paypal button to buy your raffle ticket ($3 each). Make sure you include your mailing address in the Paypal registry. I will be mailing you your portion of the raffle ticket and receipt for your taxes. Also, if you would like to donate a prize or service, please contact me ( I am sure the Girls & Boys Club will be most appreciative.

Oh, you bet I will be making Max go door to door selling $3 raffle tickets for no prizes. Because I'm just not right.

*use {} for Paypal email address*

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