My New Favorite Countertop

I was walking through my neighborhood Home Depot (yes, I aimlessly walk around Home Depot just to window shop) and I noticed a new cabinet display.  The countertop was beautiful! It looked like marble.  I asked the associate about the new countertop display and she told me it was CORIAN! Corian? I exclaimed! She told me that she had the same reaction. We both laughed. The associates told me that she was excited to get the new display and that they might actually start selling Corian again, ha!

If you are in the market for new countertops, check out the Private Collection Colors.  My new favorite is RAIN CLOUD (looks like marble!).  These are the best web images I could find using Rain Cloud:


(Not the grey counter but the lighter ones in the back)

The countertop was also used in a kitchen in Country Living Magazine, Oct. 08 but I can't find any pictures to post!

Rainy, Lazy day today (& Max is running a fever).



Laura Ann said...

Did you ask about price? We are thinking of changing out our counters and want a solid surface but can't afford the real deal ;-) We want the look without the cost and our nearest Home Depot is an hour away.

Shannan Martin said...

Love this! Ain't technology grand?

JoAnn said...

I saw this new Corian online and was at my local kitchen store the next day to see it...and it is gorgeous. I like it so much better than granite, which is usually too busy for me.

There is a price calculator at the Corian website which tells you how to measure and gives you a price range.

Unknown said...

JoAnn- I so agree with you! This product/specific color is amazing! I have not been this excited about a countertop material in...I don't know when! HA!

Flower Patch- Did you know that there is a Kraftmaid cabinet outlet in your neck of the woods?

2littleboys- check ur email!


Remodeling Guy said...

I'm going to have to run out and check this one out! Looks great and light marble has been all the rage...but it stains easily. This would be a great alternative.

Thanks for telling us!


Unknown said...

Tim- I am embarrassed to say, that when I first saw this countertop, I thought it was Carrara marble. Now some out there are probably gasping at what I just said. BUT, I had to take a second look. Then I thought it was some sort of should have seen my excitement!!

Let me know what you think...


Susie Q said...

Doesn't everyone window shop at HD?

3 boys--also check with a custom cabinetmaker...they are more reasonable than you imagine and the materials are always better...the real thing.

Thus ends the public service announcement from the wife of a cabinetmaker. ;D