Scientific Method for Picking a Winner


Congratulations to Ashley from Lil Blue Boo. Talk about a talented blogger!! Be sure to visit her blog and awesome tutorials. I want to have a little girl just so I can make these adorable dresses and outfits.  Anybody got a little girl I can borrow??

Photos from Lil Blue Boo (when I say LilBlueBoo is talented...I mean it!)



Ashley said...

I won!!! I won!!!! I am SO excited! Seriously, I never win anything. I call that Target survey 5 times a week to try to win the big gift card....still waiting on that one ;) Thanks so much for the "lil" blog review sweet of you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ashley!! She is truly a gifted sewer. So creative! I'm so lucky to know her in real life!

Holly said...

Hahah I like the scientific method! :P

Sherry said...

I have one little girl I'll loan you.