Max and Emmie...Part II

At the age of 5, I am suppose to be the love of my son's life. He should say cute little things like, "Mommy, when I grow up, I want to marry you." and "Mommy, the only girl I love is you." etc. etc.  

Well, meet Emmie. She has captured my little boy's heart.  It all started 2 years ago in preschool. They were in the same class and live in the same neighborhood. Emmie started coming over after school and playing with Max on Thursdays. You see, Max has a speech delay.  Actually, it's called "dysfluency" and at times has been significant. Having Emmie around helps Max. She is patient (she always lets him win in Star Wars games).  She totally understands every word he says.  She is imaginative and has helped Max develop his play. She is firm and puts Max in his place (Emmie is 1 of 5 children and Max is 1) but most of all, she is his friend and accepts him for who he is.

Emmie is the reason Byron and I have considered adopting another child.  Unfortunately, her parents will not let us have her (we've asked!).  Actually, I would love to adopt Emmie and her Mom (aren't I always saying that "I need a wife!").

So for now, I will continue on as 2nd best :)




Shannan Martin said...

Your boy is just so beautiful! And how sweet that he has a little gal-friend. :) ps - Do it! (adoption, that is!)

Ashley said...

Oh so cute! I love those photos too!

P.S. I need a wife too!

Haven and Home said...

That is really so sweet!