A Really Cool Idea...is it Practical?

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I immediately thought of my friend Kim when I saw this really cool chalkboard.  Kim has 5 very active kids and she does an amazing job of organizing their schedules. This is a picture (from Pottery Barn) of Kim's "Control Center".


Take a look at what I found over at Katherine Marie Photography. This is her idea of organizing...



Now, in all honesty. I think Kim's organization would work better for me. I am such a calendar person and everything seems to rotate around dates/times in my house.  So, as cool as this chalkboard looks (& she cleverly bought it on Craigs List for like 20 bucks), I would have to drop the bones for the Pottery Barn "Control Center"! Enjoy the great pictures on Katherine Marie Photography's blog...AMAZING!!


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Katherine Marie! said...

I love love the PB one! I'm a PB freak. It's fabulous--- I actually have part of that center too---but it has a really weird hooking system that you have to purchase separately and it's INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE... hate the hidden cost that comes with all PB stuff.

BUT can I tell you the most amazing thing??? I used to live close to a HUGE HUGE PB outlet!!! Everything was at least 50-75 percent off. Can you imagine?? Oh my I miss that place--- it was my dream come true.

Make sure to show us pics of your center when you finish it. I'm sure it will be fabulous:)

Thanks for sharing my link!