Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

What great fun! I am so glad the neighborhood had this Easter Egg hunt. You see, I was not really feeling Easter this year. I am still paying for Valentine's Day, then we had this 3 week spring I was just kinda over the whole Easter Bunny thing. In fact, I had already told Max that the Easter Bunny does not bring toys (mean huh?). Well, Max had his heart set on this Stormtrooper Helmet. A couple weeks ago we went to Jackson's birthday party and he got one. Oh man, you should have seen the envy in my little boy's eyes. He wanted one BAD! So I told him he had to save up his money. So what do you get a kid for Easter that doesn't really like candy? My little man's eggs were filled with quarters! So between his allowance, the Easter Bunny quarters and Grandmommy's $20...Max had enough money! After church on Sunday we took him to Walmart to buy his helmet. I think it will be remembered as the best Easter ever!!

I hope everyone had a blessed day!

Christy (& Max)

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt:

Max gave Emmie a "special" Easter present! He even signed the card "Love You"

More Max & Emmie!

Baby Noel finds an egg!
Tons of eggs and wide open spaces...
More Eggs!
Max's friend Conor and Katie...
Neighborhood kids...
Max checking out all the "Loot"

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Mary Lynn said...

I think Max's easter does sound like the best ever! You stilll came through even though you were worn out. Pat yourself on the back! You are a great Mom. I love all the wonderful pics! Keep posting :)